My Dead Bestfriend

My Dead Bestfriend

Ok firstly let me give you a short brief introduction.
Main Character
Name :Liya
Age :14
Eyes colour:Black
Hair Colour:Shiny straight,Black
Fav.Place :School's Hostel wid her friends
Best Friends:Ruby

OK da story starts after a long break of winter when Liya cums back to Hostel.

Chapter 1

Back To School

Lets start da story.It was after a long vacation.I was back at our school hostel.And I missed my school and my friends and mostly my best friend Ruby.She is a sweet gal of my age ,we are in same class and share same bench.We almost hab same likes and dislikes other than da thing that she likes almost everything in pink.

I arrived here today morning.We both live far away from our parents and it was a long travel here.I hab a bunch of things in my mind ready to explode when I meet her.

I came to my room.And also we are roommates too.She hadn't returned yet from our long winter vacation.To my disappointment.I thought she would be here like last year's waiting for me and ready to give me a big hug after a long break.But all I could see was her empty bed.I was too tired and was too disappointment that she wasn't here yet.And also I haven't heard her voice since the last day of our school for winter vacation.And also we haven't been in contact too.So you could guess how excited I was to she my one and only bestfriend.

I was way too tired to manage my stuffs so I lay on my bed and was fast asleep.

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