Bows And Hawks (A Clint Barton/Hawkeye/Avengers love story)

Name: Bow Golden Arrow
Age: 21
Birthday: October 21, 1990
Info: Bow is named because her father was a hunter, and he love to hunt. It also says one of her best abilities: archery. In her town, every newborn child is named for something that their fathers will teach them. Her father was the hunter/food provider. Golden is the color of her hair, eyes, and skin. She moves to New York City, and meets the HANDSOME Clint Barton. She brings with her a new protector of NYC, Silent Arrow.

Chapter 3

The REAL Chapter Two: Saving Clint!!!

OK, so as I promised, Here is the next chapter. But, be prepared. I may pull a little stuntEvil smile MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Sorry I haven't written in a while. SO BUSY!! _______________________________________________________________

"Maybe because we like to interfere! What did this guy do to you, anyway?"
I could swear that was Bow! The voice matches, the body type matches, and the coloring of her skin and hair matches! Man, I gotta stop thinking of her! There's NO WAY it's Bow!
"Dude, why are you thinking of bows? it's uncool!" the girl that saved me asked.
"Wait you read my..."
"THAT'S IT, STOP FLIRTING!! Man, if I didn't know it, I'd think you both liked each other! Hero crush!! Now it will be easier to destroy the two of you!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! And, he killed my father and lover! NOW DIE!!"
And with that, the CRAZY WOMAN attacked me and mystery girl. I really gotta find out her name.
Hey, mystery girl, what's your name?
Silent Arrow, now will you stop talking and distracting me and, I don't know, maybe HELP!!!
So this is Silent Arrow. I wonder-
Alright, alright, alright. Don't get your panties in a twist!
I'll show him panties in a twist. Wait 'til he sees me PISSED, then he'll be scared.

Sorry, writers blocker. I will not be able to post as often, since school is starting soon, and I have work to deal with on top of that. SORRY!!!

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