Bows And Hawks (A Clint Barton/Hawkeye/Avengers love story)

Name: Bow Golden Arrow
Age: 21
Birthday: October 21, 1990
Info: Bow is named because her father was a hunter, and he love to hunt. It also says one of her best abilities: archery. In her town, every newborn child is named for something that their fathers will teach them. Her father was the hunter/food provider. Golden is the color of her hair, eyes, and skin. She moves to New York City, and meets the HANDSOME Clint Barton. She brings with her a new protector of NYC, Silent Arrow.

Chapter 1

Leaving Home

Ok, so I have only found one Avengers story, so I decided to do one. Note: I went to see the new Avengers movie on this past Friday, and I fell in love with Hawkeye. I mean, he's simply to die for!! Love y'all!
When your little, you always dream of something. Most girls dream of being a princess, a ballerina, or an actress. I dreamed of being a hunter, like my father. My name is Bow Golden Arrow, and I am the daughter of the town hunter. When I turned four, my father taught me archery. Gauge Black Shotgun, my father, is the town hunter. When each child turns one, their mother leaves. The only woman in the town is Nurse Green Shot. We don't know why they leave. We just wake up one day, and their gone. Anyway, back to the present. My name is Bow Golden Arrow. Like my name says, I learned archery as a child, and my skin, hair, and eyes are gold. I am 21, and moving from My small town of Colorville, Alabama,(Not a real place, mind you) to New York City. Right now, I'm having a tearful goodbye with my best friend, Bread Pink Baker, as she says goodbye with a death grip hug.
"I'm going-sniff-to miss-hic- you so-achoo-much!!" she said in between her crying rituals. Yes, she does this often.
"Bread... can't... breathe! Let... go!" I said, because, I seriously can't breathe.
"Sorry, I just-hic-am going to-achoo-miss you so much!!"
"I know, but I'll be back in a few months to see you! Now, I gotta go, or I'll miss my flight!" I said, hugging her one last time.
"Bye, daddy, I'll miss you!" I said, getting into my mustang GT.
"I'll miss you all! I'll make sure to write and call home, but daddy, you have to play the call over the speaker for everyone to hear!"
"GOOD BYE AND GOOD LUCK!!!" everyone said in unison. I love them so much.
"Flight 666 now boarding, flight 666 now boarding." the man said over the loud speaker. Ah, number 666. My favorite and lucky number.
"Tickets, please. Oh, miss, the section for poor people is the luggage are. Sorry." the woman said when I got to her.
"Oh, well, luckily, I'm not poor. In fact, I bought a 1st class ticket. Now, you would have to sit there." I said, giving her my ticket.
"Have a nice day." I said, walking towards the door.
Finally, the plane has landed! Now, I gotta go to my new apartment and unpack the remainders of my stuff. My car's already here. it was on the plane, actually. When I stopped to get something to eat from McDonald's, I bumped into a guy coming out as I went in.
"Oops, sorry, sugar. I should watch where I'm going. Sorry."
"No pro... wait, did you just call me 'sugar'? where ya from, Alabama or somethin'?"
"Actually, I am. Sorry if that bugs y'all. Goodbye." And with that, I went in.
'Hi, how can I help you?" the guy at the counter asked.
"Howdie, can I get a hamburger and fries with a rasperry brisk?" I asked.
"Sure. Anything else? Where ya from, out of curiosity?"
"No problem, and I'm from Colorsville, Alabama. what's my price?"
"Oh, $5.00. Where's that at? I've never heard of it."
"It's in a location that only people that live there know. Where are y'all from?"
"I'm from Catawissa, Pennsylvania(A real place, by the way). Here's your food, have a nice day, and it was nice talking to you. Sorry about the guy outside, by the way."
"It's ok, I understand. Y'all have a nice day, and I'll see you 'round."
I just got through the door when the phone rang.
"Hmm, I wonder who that is. The only people that know my number are..." And when I realized who, I dropped my bag and ran for the phone.
"Hello? HI DADDY!!! Do you have the phone near the speaker?"
"Hi, baby, and yes it is. We all miss you a ton, and hope you got there safe. So, how was your flight? Everyone want to know."
"HI EVERYONE!! I MISS YOU ALL SO MUCH, AND YES, I HAD A GOOD FLIGHT. BUT, I CAN'T WAIT TO COME HOME!!" I said, almost yelling, so everyone could hear over the speaker.
"WE LOVE YOU!! We do love you, but we better go and let you sleep. Night, kiddo, sleep well and sweet dreams. See you in dreamland."
"NIGHT EVERYONE, AND LOVE YOU TOO! Sleep well, daddy, and see you in dreamland."
After talking to daddy and the entire town, I decided to go out. So, I grabbed a shower and popped on Now, I'm at a club, called Twilight Kisses. When I got to the door, the guy asked for ID. So, I gave him my license and waited to get it back. After I got it back, I walked to the bar and sat down.
"What can I getcha?" the bartender asked.
"do y'all got Jack Daniels?" I asked, pulling out my wallet.
"Yeah, but I don't think you can handle that. What else can I get you?"
"Sugar, I started drinking that stuff straight from the bottle when I turned twenty. I CAN handle it. How much for the bottle?" I asked, getting kinda ticked.
"Ten bucks. How well can you hold your liquor?" he asked, seeing that I had my own shot glass, that I brought from home.
"Honey, I could out drink anyone here under the table and not be effected. In fact, I took on the best guy at home and won. He lasted three bottles, whereas I lasted twenty."
"Twenty shots? Or twenty sips?"
"Neither. Twenty bottles. I grew up in a town that mostly consisted of men. Besides the daughters that I grew up with, there was only one full grown woman. And when I turned twenty, I went to the town bar. That's where I beat the best, who had thirty years of practice to my two months. So, please don't ever underestimate me." He looked stunned at what I said, and the guy sitting next to me was laughing his butt off.
"Where have you been for the last two months? We needed you then."
"I was in Alabama, sleeping. I'm Bow Golden Arrow. May I know who y'all are?"
"The bartender is Tony Starr, and I'm Clint Barton. Odd name you've got, Bow Golden Arrow. Where's it from?"
"Well, in my town, Colorsville, Alabama, the children are named for what their going to do, and their color. I'm a golden girl, and I was raised to be an archer."
I just got to looking at him, and I realized, we're wearing something similar.
"I just realized, we're kinda dressed alike. did y'all plan this or somethin'?"
"Maybe, or it was destiny. You gonna share the Jack?"
"Maybe I don't believe in destinies, and possibly I may share. How well can you hold your liquor?"
"It depends on the drink."
"Well, I gotta go home and get some sleep. I got school tomorrow."
"Wait, your a college kid? You look like your 26."
"Nope, Twenty one. Bye."
"Wait, what's your number?"
"356-7965. What's yours?"
"867-5309. See ya around, possibly."
And with that, I headed out to my car. When I was walking, I saw a man trying to steal a woman's money, and she had a child with her.
"Give me the money, and you and baby boy here willn't get hurt."
"Please, this is all I have. Have mercy!"
"Hey, let 'em alone and pick on someone your own size." I said, taking off my hat.
"get outa here, pretty girl. Don't wanna mess up your nails."
"Oh, but I do. You see, never P*%% me off, or your dead."
Now, most people would think I'm crazy. But, no one knows that I have a bow that my uncle made, that shrinks. With it are arrows that also shrink when a certain button is pushed. so, I'm pulling them out and he laughs, thinking I'm messing around. I push the button, and they grow to normal size.
"Ooo, pretty girl's got a toy. What's your name, sweetie?"
"Silent Arrow. What's your's?"
"Silent Arrow, eh? well, I'm Daniel Weston, prepare to die."
"good luck with that. I know some things that you don't."
"What's that?"
"Well, do you know wrestling or mixed martial arts?"
"Wrestling, yes, MMA, no. I may beat you, though. I'm a boxer and wrestler. I don't want to hurt your pretty little face, though."
"Well, I know all sorts of fighting styles. And I do want to hurt your ugly face." And with that I used my stun arrow to hit him. Luckily, it hit him in the lower area. Unfortunately, he may not have kids.
"AHH!! That hurt..." but before he could finish, I hit him square in the jaw.
"Now git out of here before I do that again." And with that, he ran off limping.
"Thank you so much! If you hadn't come along, I don't know what would have happened. here, take this as a thank you." the woman said, trying to give me money.
"No, you keep that. And here, take this. I'm happy knowing I helped someone." I said, handing her an envelope.And with that, I was gone. Something I learned from Bread, how to appear and disappear. It comes in handy.
Ah, man, Bow was gorgeous! And, she's an archer! I could definitely have her as a girlfriend. But, Tony had that look in his eyes, meaning he's gonna have another one nighter.
"Dude, don't do that to her. Let her find someone who loves her and she loves."
"But, Clint, did you SEE her?! It's too tempting! Wait, you like her! Ha, Clint Barton, the forever bachelor found a girl! And she's perfect for you! an archer, she looks sexy, AND, she's southern!"
"We just met her! I'm heading out, see you later." He was right, I do like Bow. But, I'll probably never see her again, with my luck. Ag, I gotta get her outa my head! I'll go insane, if I keep thinking of her! But it's so hard not to, I mean, I can just see her holding a bow and arrow. she's perfect in every way for me. I'm in way over my head. Maybe I should ask her out. ARG! I don't know what to do!
"Mommy, did you see her? it was just wam, Boom, Bam! And she gave us THAT!"
"Honey, quiet down. It was sweet of her to do that for us and give us THIS, but now I feel in debt."
"Are you ok?" I asked, walking up to the woman and her son.
"Yes, ah, we just had an incident. No worries, though, it's all taken care of."
"Yeah, because a lady came and saved us! You should have seen her!"
"TOMMY! That's enough. I'm sorry about my son."
"It's alright, but who is he talking about?"
"A woman helped us when we were being robbed. He's just VERY into superheroes."
"What did she look like?"
"She stayed in the dark, but she said her name was Silent Arrow."
"Ok, thanks. Do you want help getting home?"
"No, we're good. Thank you for offering, though."
So, who IS Silent Arrow? Maybe I know her. oh well, Now I gotta get home and sleep this stuff off. I'm sure to have a headache tomorrow.
"Hey, you ok?"
"Who said that?"
"Me. Look to your left."
I looked over and saw Bow.
"Oh, it's you, Bow. I thought it was the newest hero, Silent Arrow."
"Silent who?"
"I don't know, apparently a new hero. What a coincidence she came at the same time you did."
"Just my luck, a new hero was in my suit case."
"I guess so."
"I gotta go. See ya'll later."
And with that, she vanished. Wait, vanished?! How'd she do that?! That's impossible, unless, she's not saying something. Hmm, I'll have to check up on her.
Ah, man, my watch is going off.
"What do you want, Fery? And make it short."
"There's a matter concerning Tony Stark. I need you to check on him."
"Got it. Have you heard there's a new oreh in town?"
"No, I'll check on it. I'll find out more on him."
"It's a she, and her name's Silent Arrow, from what I heard. Plus, she's an archer and a fighter. Learned that from a mother and son she saved. She also gave 'em money."
"A generous, fighting, archer oreh. Just your type."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Quiet, you. I've already been picked on by Star. I don't need it from you, too."
"oh, when the others find out, it'll be worse. Especially from BW. IM will pick a little bit, but not much. She will pick on you, A LOT. Have fun."
"yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll check on Stark. See ya."
"Night. Fery out."
And with that, Fery hung up. Man, he needs to learn what cell phones are. Ok, now to find Stark. Oh joy.
"Stark, I know your here. I need to talk to you!"
"What do you want, Barton? I'm kinda busy."
"Well, get your A%$ down here! What's this I hear about you causing problems again?"
"Hey, he started the fight! I was calmly talking to someone when this guy came and punched me in the jaw! I defended myself by kneeing him where it counts."
"Why are you smiling while saying that last part? You think it's funny, possibly permanently injuring a guy, don't you? I should have known, it being you."
"Ok, no need to yell at me. You want me to send him some flowers and a note, saying 'I'm sorry I kneed you, I was only defending myself. YOU started the fight.' Hows that make for the flowers' card?"
"I don't know, but I gotta go. See ya, and BEHAVE!!"
"Yes, mother."
I hate that idiot. Why does Fery want him? he's annoying, stubborn, rich, and crazy! I wonder what Bows doing. She's so beautiful, and amazing, and MAN!! I gotta stop thinking of her!
"Help, help!"
I looked to where the voice was, and saw bow. wait, is that bow?
"What are you doing, Bow? Why are you fighting this guy?"
All of a sudden, the girl attacked me, and tied me down.
"I don't know who this 'Bow' is, but you shouldn't have interfered. This 'guy' is an enemy of mine, and tried attacking me. When I'm done with him, I'll kill you." And with that, she went back to the man. No, that definitly was not Bow.
"Hey, what do you think your doing? Leave them alone!" I looked over to see a girl in
"Ugh, what is with you heroes? why MUST you interfere with EVERYTHING!"

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