Chapter 1


by: Bye_____
I know a lot of people are blaming me for what happened with that hater and it wasnt my fault someone told her i had quibblo and told her what my account was i know who it was and i will sort it out,
i'm sorry to anyone who got bullied or offended by her i know what its like her and her friends tortured me for years until i literally tried to kill myself,
and i know i was rude to everyone but that was so she thought i was going to delete pernamintly and that she had won,
she wont come back to quibblo my mom called the police because she was cyber bullying and it will be sorted out i promise i never wanted to hurt any of you and im sorry she tried to ruin quibblo but it can go back to being a nice place once LollypopsAndRainbows gets the posers away and i get the bullying sorted out.
i do need people to help me with it but and i know its hard but ignore the haters and just remember they hate you cause they aint you
they are just stupid people.

i am sorry if i hurt or upset anyone when i was trying to stop the hate but i was so stressed out and i hadnt took my medication so i was angry and just took it out on anyone i understand if you hate me which some of you do, and i know most of you from my old account wont even speak to me because of it and it actually hurts because most of you were my close friends and i care a lot about you and i had to delete my old account because if i didnt the hate would have got worse some of my friends deleted because of her and didnt return which really upset me.

again i am sorry everyone


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