Love and Lyrics- One Direction Fanfic

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Chapter 15

Chapter 2

Bringgg brrriiinnggg
My awful alarm clock woke me up. I can't believe I dreamed of meeting Liam Payne. That could never happen. A girl could only hope. I got out of bed and picked out my clothes to wear to school today. I decided to wear my blue dress with white flats. I grabbed my guitar and headed out the door. Today is auditions for the talent show. When I got to school, my best friend Lindsey met me by my locker
"hey girlie"
"hey linds"
"so you know that Liam Payne is the celebrity judge"
"shut up no he's not"
"ugh fine don't believe, let's get to class"
"oh the fun of algerbra"
As we were walking to class, I overheard the principal talk about Liam. I pulled my best friend to the side. Jumping up and down I told her how nervous and excited I was. She starting laughing and told me to turn around. I slowly turned and there he was smiling. Trying to catch my breath I said hi. I couldn't believe my eyes he was standing right in front of me. I couldn't stop starring until Lindsey pulled me away.
"see I told you"
"whatever did you see that?'
"he smiled at you"
"omg, yes"
"wow, girl calm now and let's get to class before we are late"
As we walked into Algerbra, I wonder about which song I should sing in the talent show. Hopefully he likes what I pick.

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