tears for you

hi its jessica. and im writing this story because i cant get my emiotions out any other way, im on here more than my boy friend... but i hope he reads this so he can understand how i am feeling. i had an account o0n here before i was jessbleu, i wrote alot of depressing poems and made fun quizzes... but right now this story is about hard ships and hopw i feel right now.. actully im making them into poems

Chapter 1

im still crying on the inside

you wipe away my tears
you kiss my cheek good night and tell me you love me
you tell me you carwe
you say i wanna marry you
so i stop crying on the outside anyway
but i hurt i have pain
your friends taunt and tease me
its painful
its killing me
i stay by your side even though they hurt me
because i love you sooo much
i try to be strong
i try not to care
so you wont see me cry ever again
but i will always shed tears of pain inside
until they go away
this is me

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