Fluttering Swords - 76th Hunger Games Fanfic

group story with Supersaiyan and Johanna_Mason

Chapter 1

Characters and Reaping

by: Bye_____
Name: Rose...
Age: 14
Description: short, brown hair, blue eyes,
hides a dark secret which no one knows except...Mrs Everdeen
Personality: hyper, weird, random, smart, quick
Home: District 12

Name: Rye Mellark
Age: 14
Description: he is quite tall with brown hair, blue eyes and tanned skin.
Personality: Alot like his older brother Peeta
Home: District 12


Rose POV
I waited tolerantly as Effie Trinket reached into the vast fish bowl which lay peacefully on the table upon the stage

"Hello District 12 welcome the the 76th annual Hunger Games we are glad it has returned this year, May the odds be ever in your favor!" Effie said gloomly

"First up this year it is Boys"She said with a counterfeit smile on her face
"Our male tribute this year is...RYE MELLARK"She gasped after she said the name realising who his brother was. i gave him a sympathetic look as he walked towards the stage.

"Our female tribute is... ROSE EVERDEEN!"She gasped one again... i cannot believe this..
i began to walk to the stage with my eyes set to the floor
"ROSE!!"A woman screamed...i turned round to see the face of my mother...the woman who disowned me all those years ago for my sisters Primrose and Katniss.
The peacekeepers went to drag me out of the way but Effie told them to wait,
"Im sorry"My mother said as i got dragged to the stage, i met a boy who i recognised fairly well from our school.

-Justice Building-
I got a visit from my mother and sister Katniss
"Hello my name is Katniss, i'm afraid we haven't met yet"She tried to smile
"hey"i said with a smile
"Ill be your mentor you know?"She smiled
"I know"I said as i rolled my eyes
"Ill teach you everything i learned and a whole lot more i promise, we are sisters you know!"She said with a fake smile
"Come join us, at the victors village when you are ready. we want you home"My mother said with an angelic smile.
"Ill die anyway."I sighed as peacekeepers came in to chase my mother and Katniss out,
"Take this Rose"Katniss said as she handed me her mockingjay pin,
"thank you"I smiled

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