A Dream Vacation (An Original Group Story)

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Chapter 1


Laura, 16, is the popular one of the girls, has multiple boyfriends and many best friends, thinks shes better than others, is rich and stuck up, she loves to put others down and often criticises the other girls into thinking they arent better than her, she is a bully

Lainey, 16, is the nerdy one of the girls, loves maths, science and has never kissed a boy before whereas the other girls have, she is beautiful, her parents do not have much time to spend with her as they work a lot to pay for her private school tuitions, is not rich and Laura had to help her pay for half of her holiday expenses.

Kailee,16, is the tomboyish one,loves football, has a boyfriend who she has been with for 3 years and he secretly plans to propose to her after graduation, she isnt smart of beautiful but loves her friends.

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