Rule Breakers and Matchmakers

I started writing this in class one day when I was trying to avoid listening to our math teacher give us a lecture on Quadratics. So after finding three people to read it, I'm letting you guys read it.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I laid my head down not thinking. My math teacher continued his stupid hour long rant.
“Miss Brown, can you tell me the quadratic equation?” Mr. Groff asked me.
“I dunno sir,” I replied politely.
“Jessica, he’ll give you detention if you don’t answer.” My best friend Haley whispered to me.
“I already have detention, it doesn’t matter anymore.” I told her.
“Silence both of you, you both have detention.” Mr. Groff said.
We both nodded as the bell rang. I grabbed my books and ran down the hall.
“Jessica wait up!” Haley yelled trying to catch up with me.
“They should be here by now Haley, I have to talk to Kris before lunch.” I told her.
“Lunch is an hour away, and your brother can wait.” Haley said out of breath catching up.
“I never get to see my brother. By the way, we just broke about fifteen school rules.” I told her.
“Might as well break twenty before lunch.” Haley said laughing. We smiled and knocked on the headmaster’s door.
“Enter girls,” Mr. Holin said when we knocked. Haley and I opened his door and entered his office.
“Not exactly who I wanted to see, but that’s fine. Girls I need you two to give a tour to our guests. If you do this, you won’t have to go to the detention you earned in math.” Mr. Holin said.
“We’ll give the tour,” Haley said jumping.
“Good, now will you two bring the boys into here for now, and then get to class.” Mr. Holin asked us.
“Of course sir,” I said. Haley and I walked outside the school where a black van was pulling up into our driveway. The doors opened on the van and nineteen boys climbed out.
“Aren’t you two supposed to be in class?” Their teacher said coming around the van.
“Probably, but we’re allowed to miss the first part so that we can show you around.” Haley said.
I elbowed her, and took a deep breath before saying, “Welcome to The Northfront Academy, we are here to show you around. My name is Jessica, and this is Haley.”
“Tell us where we’re supposed to be,” The teacher said.
“Right away, follow Jessica,” Haley told them. I lead the way to the headmaster’s office. I knocked on the headmaster’s door quickly.
“Enter,” Mr. Holin said again. I opened the door and spoke.
“The gentlemen from the Ross Academy are here sir,” I told him.
“Good. Girls go to class,” Mr. Holin said. Haley and I walked out of his office and went to our next class.
“Miss Brown, Miss Lightning, you’re late.” Our teacher Mr. Vixen said. Haley and I took our seats and listened to his lecture on the fourteenth amendment. Haley had fallen asleep, and I was dozing off when the phone rang.
“Miss Brown, the headmaster wants you and Miss Lightning in his office, put your books in your rooms first.” Mr. Vixen told me. I shook Haley awake, and told her what we were doing. We grabbed our books and went to our room. We dropped our books on our desks in our room, and ran to the headmasters office. Haley didn’t stop to knock like she should have, instead she walked right in. I quickly followed her.
“You requested to see up sir,” Haley said.
“I need you two to show the students of the Ross academy to their rooms, and after lunch, you are to give them a tour.” Mr. Holin told us.
“Gladly,” Haley said. The students from the Ross academy were sitting on chairs or the floor. Slowly each of the boys stood up and grabbed their bags to leave.
“Follow Haley,” I said. Haley glared at me, and led the way. I watched as the boys and they’re teacher walked past me. One of the boys stopped and waited, holding the door open for me.
“Thank you,” I told him. He closed the door behind us, and started walking.
“You’ve changed Jessica, normally you would have had a detention by now.” He said.
“I have three detentions this afternoon, but because I am doing this, all those detentions do not have to be served. I know we told you our names earlier, but how do you know my detention record.” I asked the boy.
“My name’s Kris,” He said.
“Kris, long time,” I whispered. I ran to catch up with Haley and to tell her what had just happened.
“Haley, Kris is the guy in the back. He held the door open for me earlier, he mentioned our detentions, and he’s my brother.” I told her. I thought about how I hadn’t seen him in years, so that’s why I must have not noticed it was him.
“Here’s your room guys, the dining hall is downstairs and the door on the left of the entrance hall. Lunch starts in five minutes, if you’re late you will get a detention unless your teacher gives you permission.” Haley and I said at the same time.
As soon as all the guys were in their room, Haley and I ran up to our room quickly.
“Kris was the cute blonde? Darn, I was hoping to be able to date him while he was here.” Haley said sitting on her bed. I rolled my eyes, and smiled.
“We’re the rule breakers, and matchmakers, I’m sure one of them will crush on you.” I told her.
“Doubt it,” She muttered.
The bell rang letting the rest of the students out of classes. Haley and I smiled and ran downstairs. Quickly we took our seats in the dining hall, and waited for the rest of the school. As soon as everyone was in the dining hall, lunch was served. Haley and I kept watching for the boys to come in. Suddenly the door was thrown open. Nineteen boys and their teacher all walked into the dining hall like they owned the place.
“Girls, we’d like your help to welcome our guests from Ross academy.” Mr. Holin said.
No one ever actually welcomed them, instead we all burst into chatter about them.
“The blonde one is cute,” Chelsa said.
“No, the one staring at us is,” Michelle said.
“The redhead is the cute one,” Mimi said.
“They’re not that cute,” Emily giggled.
“Yes they are,” Kaya said hitting Emily.
Everyone suddenly turned to Haley and I.
“You guys missed history, were you with them?” Michelle and Mimi asked us.
“We were doing a favor for the headmaster, and if you want to know what it was, you can ask him.” Haley said. The other girls glared at Haley and went back to talking. Two of the nineteen boys sat down at our table next to Heley and I.
“Jessica, can you pass the salt?” Kris asked.
“You were with them,” Mimi shouted. Everyone looked at our table.
“No, this is my brother, Kris.” I told Mimi. Haley handed Kris the salt and finished eating her lunch. As soon as I was done, Haley and I went to the headmaster’s office, to finish our part of the deal.

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