Nerd Code

My best friend since kindergarten made a code which I thought was cool. Please read it before saying no. You will be surprised. Just send a this message pr comment and attach with the quote below,then you'll be apart of the nerd code. .

Chapter 1

Nerd code

by: Cam12
(Place name here then copy the rest) agree to the nerd code. I will follow the rules below. I respect the nerd code. Get my teachers to call me nerd for fun.
1. I am a nerd, dosn't mean i am a geek just that i am smart. It may not be evening be intelegence smart, just people smart.
2. I will try hard in school
3. I will respect others
4. I will make new kids feel welcomed
5. I won't curse to grown ups
6. I won't smoke and if i do i will try my hardest to quit
7. I will work hard.
8. I will be a good citizen
9. I will take credit for my actions
10. I will cheer up the depressed
11. I won't bully
12. Confront bullies, without put downs
13. I won't do drugs
14. If i get called a nerd, i will take it as a complement
I am 1Cam2 and i approve this code.

(So found this from a long time ago, so i thought why not. Lets see who'll commit.)

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