Avengers Assemble (Avengers:Hawkeye)

Hello young comic fans!You've been waiting for a Avengers story haven't you?Well guess what?I'm making two of them!Both,of course Hawkeye.Maybe even a Justice League...?
So,twists and turns will come in this story,but make sure to use your imagination so it feels like a comic book.
Okay?Hope you guys loooove it!

Chapter 1

Flashback (kinda long)

The man slapped his hand across my face.I tried to stand up,but he just hit my rib cage with a bat.I held in my screams,like I was taught.I couldn't let them see my pain.But for hours I had been beaten.

"Who do you work for?"He asked me one more time.I kept my mouth closed,trying to figure out a way for my hands to be free.I was handcuffed to a metal pole.

"One last time,or else we're injecting you."He said,The man grabbed two needles,one with green liquid the other with blue.He got up close to my face,the needles inches away from plunging into my arm.

"Who.Do.You.Work.For?"He asked slowly.I stared into his black eyes,thinking of something I could do to get him out of my face.Quickly,I spit in his eyes,and then kicked him with my leg.He fell to the ground,and I tried to get up,but I couldn't.He got up,and threw the needles into my arms.I screamed out in pain,not being able to hold it in anymore.My body started jerking uncontrolably,the blue and green liquids had met.
"Doctor,no!Those were the wrong liquids!"A girl came in screaming.

"Melanie!What is wrong with you?!"He asked,grabbing a gun and shooting her.He walked out,stepping on her.He slammed the door shut,and turned the lights off.My body jerked back and forth,and I had no control of it anymore.I was covered in sweat and blood.No one was going to save me.

"Tony."I gasped.He surely couldn't hear me in France.

"Toonny."I said a bit louder.My voice was raspy.

"Miss shall I call Mr.Stark?"Jarvis asked.

"Jarvis."I whispered happily.
"Shall I miss?"He asked.

"Yes.Please,yes."I whispered.My watch started dialing the numbers.
"Tony Stark here.What do you need,Mari?"He asked.

"Tony.."I choked.
"Mari,what's wrong?"He asked.

"Mr.Stark please get off the line."An unfamiliar voice said.

"Who the heck are you?"Tony asked.

"An Agent from S.H.I.E.L.D.Again,Mr.Stark please get off the line."He said.
"No."Tony said.
"If you must..Where is your location?"The voice said.
"France."I muttered.
"Do you know where in France?"The voice asked.

"Agent Coulson is that you?"Tony asked.

"Yes Mr.Stark it is,now please be quiet."Phil said.

"Phil please help."I whispered,before I blacked out.
I woke up at the motion of running.I opened my eyes,to see a man carrying me.He looked ahead,towards something.I stared at him.Who was this man?And why was he carrying me?Suddenly the sky dissapeared and was replaced by a black sky.We were in a helicopter.
"She's up."I heard someone say.
"Phil?"I asked,my voice creaked like last time.I turned my head to see him across from me.
"Hey,Mari."He said.I looked back up at the man who was now staring down at me.

"Hello."He said.
"Hi."I whispered,my voice still breaking.

"What's your name?"He asked me.
"Mari."I said.
"Clint Barton."He said.I stood up,to walk over to Phil and sit next to him.

"What exactly did you save me from?"I asked.
"We were looking for you.Tony recommended you to join the Avengers a while ago,and we decided to go through with it.So we were trying to locate you,when he heard you conversation with Tony.Agent Barton a.k.a Hawkeye,voulenteered."Phil said.
"Well thank you then."I said.

"Your welcome."Barton said.
"So,the Avengers..What's that?"I asked.
"The Avengers is a secret group of remarkable people such as Hawkeye,Iron Man,and Yourself.We put them together and hope that we could make them work together so they could fight the battles we never could."Phil said.
"Very specific."I said.

"Very."Barton said.
"We're here."Phil said.We touched down to a helicarrier.Barton helped me off,and I looked around.

"If you could follow me-"I walked pass Barton,limping into the plane.Nick Fury greeted me at the door.
"Hello Ms.

"What's up?"I asked,leaning on the door frame.
"Do you need assistance?"He asked.
"My body hurts and I just got beaten to a pulp.Do you think I need assisatance?"I asked.

"Alrighty..Hawkeye take her to your room,and we'll have a nurse assist her."Fury said.Hawkeye lifted me off my feet and carried me to his room.On the way there,a girl,with her arms crossed glared as I walked by.
"Why was she glaring at me?"I asked.
"I don't know.."He said.
Oh..What does she do?"I asked.
"Assasin."He said,dropping me lightly on the bed.

"Like me."I said.
"Okay,listen closely."He said.
"Alright."I said.

"The nurses are gonna come in and stick a needle in your arm to take some blood to test you."Barton said.
"No.I don't need to be tested.What I need is to go back to Tony and-"
"Mr.Stark isn't coming to get you.Right now,he's busy."Barton said.
"That's nonsense.Tony was just talking to me a couple hours ago-"
"It's been 2 weeks.You were knocked out,and I saved you after two weeks."He said.
"No it wasn't."I said.
"Yes,it was."He said.
"Your lying.I can tell."I said.He stood up and grabbed a calender.

"What day,were you captured?"He asked me.
"May 21st."I said.He flipped back one page.
"May 21st."He said,pointing to the date.

"And today is June 3rd.2 weeks later."He said,flipping back to June.That girl that glared at me walked in.

"Clint we have to meet Fury at the lab.Testing on.."She looked me up and down.


Barton nodded at her,and she walked off.
"She hates me."I said.
"She can be like that.But once you get to know her she's a great-"
"Save it.Just go to the lab to do testing on..Me."I said,pretending to be the girl.Nurses came in and just like he said,grabbed blood from my arm.He bandaged it quickly,waved and then ran off to the lab.The nurses closed the door shut.I lifted up my arm,sitting up.

"Jarvis,calculate weak spots in the doors or windows.We're breaking out."I said.

"Miss there is a loosened screw."Jarvis said.I went by the door,clicking a button on my watch and a small screwdriver popped out.I looked at the loosened screw on the doorknob.Normally,the 3rd from the top wouldn't be loosened.It would be one close to the bottom..

"Wow.Nice trick guys!"I said,sitting back down.The Camera's popped out of the walls.

"Your quick.Easy to trick."Fury said.
"That rhymed..How about tipping me a dime?"I asked.

"Haha."He fake laughed."No more joking around."

"It was good though wasn't it?What's the blood type thing?"I asked
"It's being tested now.We'll let you know I promise."Fury said.
"I know you'll promise."I said,laying back in my bed to sleep.

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