First thing you think of.

really is the first thing in mind, that's not the same word. lol.
Some of them I explain.

Chapter 1


by: m3rcy616
Yellow: eww (I hate the color)

Blue: the blues

Music: my life

Quibblo: boredom (I don't do much on here these days.)

School: College

Table: chairs

Plaid: skirt

Swag: sunglasses

Hunger Games: Battle Royale (Battle Royale came out before hunger games, and has the theme of students going against classmates and best friends. The ending is awesome though. I read it before I knew what the Hunger Games even was.)

Spoons: soup

Forks: metal

Dogs: wagging

Cats: cute

Annoying: irritating

Letters: words

Phone: cell

iPod: nano

Happy: laughter

Harry Potter: J.K.Rowling

Top friends: people

Food: hungry

Potato: baked (lol.)

Bricks: layering

Pink: P!nk (The singer of course.)

Wood: working (woodworking. one of the things I love)

Rocks: stones

Done: finished

Unrelated: who did you copy and paste this from?: Eh, you know who you are. I don't feel like typing out your username, sorry.


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