The Hunger Games: One Direction Edition

The Hunger Games: One Direction Edition

Heyyooo!!! This is something I came up with while reading Catching Fire and listening to 1D music at the same time :) I hope you guys like it and beware, it's kinda dark. And by the way I went all random with the names of the other tributes hehe ;)

Chapter 1

All Around Me Are Familiar Faces

All the tributes simultaneously rose up on the metal plates.The only sound that was heard was Seneca Crane counting down the time until the Games officially started. Sixty seconds.
Liam stood directly in front of the Cornucopia's opening. Just twenty feet ahead of him was a belt full of knives. Fifty seconds. If he's quick enough, and he doesn't let either of the girls standing on either side of him bring him down, he just might...
Forty seconds. Zayn was on the left end of the Cornucopia. He wasn't sure he could reach any of the weapons without getting slaughtered. Heck, he might not even get to take three steps without getting attacked by the District 1 girl standing next to him. She was beyond aggressive.
Thirty seconds. All that was on Harry's mind was to get to the spears that were just outside the mouth of the Cornucopia. That, and the backpack in front of them. He looked around for his other allies.
Twenty seconds. Niall's eyes were on the backpacks he could reach if he wasn't killed along the way. If he did survive that far, where would he go again? What did he and his allies agree on?
Grab it, and run to the left, Louis said in his head as the last ten seconds passed. He prepared to run for the bow and arrows. Then, he'd find his other allies and dive into the woods, killing anybody he had to along the way.
Three. Two. One.
It all happened very fast. Liam had just stepped off his plate before he was shoved to the ground. He felt his wrist throb as it broke his fall. But that didn't stop him. He stood up, literally dodging a bullet, and ran towards the Cornucopia. He caught Harry's eyes a few feet away. He already had a backpack and a spear.
"Go! Don't stop!" he yelled as he passed Liam.
On the other side, Zayn was caught under the girls from Districts 1 and 7. They giggled evilly as the blond one brought a gun to his forehead.
"So handsome," the girl with bushy brown hair sneered. "Too bad he has to go so soon."
Zayn looked in the girl's eyes. They were smug one second and then faint the next. She then collapsed next to him, revealing an arrow on her back.
The blond girl got off Zayn and pointed her gun in the direction where the arrow came from. Louis had his bow and arrow loaded and aimed at her.
Meanwhile, Niall had met up with Harry and Liam, and the three of them ran to the left, which is where Zayn and Louis were. Niall had saved two backpacks without a scratch, and was slightly relieved he made it this far. The three boys kept running until Liam suddenly stopped in his tracks.
"Lily," he mumbled in numb disbelief, looking down at the girl bleeding from her neck. The girl he had known for most of his life. Gone.
"We gotta go," Harry said to him, grabbing his arm and pulling him forward.
"But..." Liam muttered softly as he looked back at Lily.
They caught up with Louis and Zayn (who both got away from the blond District 1 girl) and dashed into the woods together.

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