A oneshot with The Beatles.

This is my first oneshot on here and it's for my sister on her birthday and now I'm sharing it with you. Yay! Feedback and comments on how to make my story better (any comments really) would be lovely and greatly appreciated.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

by: Saars
Leah's pov
"OI gerrup!" yelled my brother Jonas. "C'mon Lilo get your lazy bum outta bed!" he cried.

"Need sleep." I moaned groggily through my mass of bedcovers and pillows.

I heard my older brother sigh, like he was exasperated and heard his heavy footfalls telling me he'd gone downstairs.

"Yer ready?" I heard a distinct accent say to me. I turned to find my best mate Louise staring at me. 

"Five more minutes Lou." I begged of her. 

"C'mon, Li you said you'd come. And the lads'll be there!" Oh yeah not only is she my best mate she's also the fifth member of The Beatles. Yup THE Beatles! Yeah I squealed when I heard that to.

I sigh, "Le' me get dressed." I say as she starts pushing me out of my bed.
"Hey!" I yell when I suddenly land on a pile in the middle of the floor, sprawled there looking up at Louise with a furious expression on my face. "Louise Michelle* Brealey I will personally kill you if you do that again!" I yell mock lunging at her throat.

She screams out in mock horror: "Don't kill me I was led astray!*"

"Stop quoting Johns lines from A Hard Days Night would ya?!" I cry rolling my eyes.

"He doesn't mind." she replies, a hurt expression on her face. "Now get dressed and we'll go. Richard'll kill me if I miss another hour of shooting." 

"Yes ma'am." I reply, giving Louise a hasty salute as she rolls her eyes and walks out of the door to wait for me.

She rolls her eyes, shuts the door, waits. 

The clock ticks as I search through my wardrobe for something which is actually presentable, and stylish obviously, and not something that my (former) best friend Molly had given me. She always gave me clothes that either made me look like a tramp or were to small or big for me. 'Well she isn't friends with one of The Beatles' I thought in malice and glee inter-mixed together. After I settle on something which I deem suitable -  a white blouse top, and a blue (well it wasn't really a mini) skirt.

"DONE!" I yell racing down the stairs seeing Louise drinking a cuppa, and Jonas eating some burnt toast oozing with butter. 

"Ready?" Louise asks me. 

"Yes." I cry, biting my lip in an effort to calm myself down and hold the giddiness of the fact that I'd see actually SEE The Beatles in the flesh.
We arrived at the set at about 11 o clock or so. (Well I was giddy so I guess time just slipped away....)

"Who's this Lou?" asks one of The other Beatles - Paul it was.

"Leah. And no yer can't flirt with her Paulie, it's not you that she likes yer see.

"That's a lovely name." he replies giving me a wink, so that I blush and look away.

I may not like him but that still doesn't mean that he can't make me blush.

He turns to Louise and says: "I'll endeavour to find out who it is that she likes, rest assured she will be mine!" he says laughing evilly.

Louise chuckles and punches him softly on the arm. "Yes Macca and the world will have marmalade skies when that happens." she says, her tone laden with sarcasm.

"Oh by the way Lou, Geo wants yer. He didn't say why though"

"Right, well Ta for that little bit of information Paulie, I'll go and see what 'e wants. See you later Leah." she replies walking off to find George.

Leaving me and Paul here, together. 

"Oi Macca! Who's the pretty bird?!" yells out Johns voice, shattering the silence that had been hanging in the air so thickly.

"A friend of Louise's."

"Oh aye? She's very pretty."

"Aren't you married?" I ask him as he sits down next to me.

"Yes," he replies, "You and her'd get on quite well. Cyn'll like you." he replies with a smile.

I return it.

"You seen Ringo? And Geo?" Paul asks John.

"Aye. George and Louise were talkin' together in hushed voices," Paul opens his mouth to speak- John stops him before words could come tumbling out. "No Macca I dunno what it was about either so don't ask me 'cos I don't know." John snaps quickly.

Paul sighed. "What 'bout Ringo? Where's 'e?" 

My heart beat fast, like a dove upon hearing Ringo's name. My God I loved him - well a soft spot at least.

"Last time I saw him he was outside, smoking a ciggie."

"Oh the bloody-" Paul catches himself, coughs and resumes talking - after John raises an eyebrow and looks pointedly in my direction as if to say 'Mind yer language - there's a lady present!' - "I mean the blumin' cheeky sod. Didn't even offer be one. Said 'e didn't 'ave any!" Paul scoffs.

"Maybe if you ask 'im nicely e'll let you have one?" John replied sarcastically.

"Not bloody likely." Paul replied as the two of them walked off looking for the disappearing Ringo.
I sigh. Wait. Sigh. Wait. Where are they?! I feel like screaming in desperation and frustration.
Louise comes up to me, George with her.

"Leah this is George. Couldn't find Rings." she laughs, "God he's elusive." she mutters.

"'Lo." I say, giving George a smile and a wave, which he returns.

"Hello. What's yer name?" he asks, smiling.

"Leah." I reply returning the smile.

"You never told me she was this pretty Lou!" he cries, turning to her in disbelief.

Louise blushes, "You are my boyfriend you know Harrison!" she cries tsking him. "Anyway she doesn't like you she likes -"

"Ringo." the both say together, her slight Welsh accent, mixing with his Scouse accent.

I blush, as George says: "You can trust me I'm not gonna give anything away. You've me word." he replies, saluting.

I nod, bowled over in disbelief. "Umm thanks." I reply, looking down at my feet.

"You're okay Leah." they both reply walking off to find the other three boys. "We won't tell 'em anything."
The five of them filmed the house scene.

I laughed so hard - well we all did - that filming had to stop so that we could all regain our composures - the words of Richard Lester, not me!
 They broke for a break halfway through shooting the fight scene in the house.

"This is good, eh?" Louise asks me taking a drink of water and grabbing an apple to eat. 

She starts to juggle three of them up in the air - making me want to collapse with laughter at the face of concentration that she makes - before a voice says: "Lou, it's bad to play with yer food, you know."

She squeaks in surprise, and yells: "George! Don't do that!"

He laughs and grabs the apples in mid flight, returning them to the table. 

"Sorry love. Couldn't help it." he replies giving her a smile. 

"Dang it Geo! Just don't do it again. 'Kay?"

"Yes ma'am!" he replies chuckling.

Ringo comes up towards us. 

"Where've you two been? Got a ciggie for yer Geo. Lou d'you want one?" 

"Na, you know what my brother'll say: "They're bad for yer, they're bad for yer." God I'm sick of 'im. He's like my dad. Both wanting to drive me nuts and both succeeding." she replies with a sigh.

"Okay," Ringo says as he turns he notices me. "Who's this?"

"Leah. One of Louise's mates, from 'er primary school days-" George begins.

"Before I moved here and met you guys." Lou finishes.

"Oh I see. Well she's ...." Ringo trails off.

"Cute?" Louise cuts in, giving me a smirk and wiggling her eyebrows as I raise an eyebrow and give her a glare as if to say 'Don't say that you dolt!'

"I dunno she's very....pretty." he blushes a bright shade of red before he quickly turns to me so Louise and George can't see his face, "What's yer name luv?" he asks me.

I try to ignore my heart beating so strongly in my ears, my blood pounding in my ears, at a furious pace as I say: "L - Leah." and try not to blush.

"That's a lovely name." Ringo replies giving me a smile.

"So's Ringo." I reply a blush creeping onto my cheeks.

"Ta love." he says with a laugh. 

"We'll leave you two to it then." George and Louise say together, as they silently grab John and Paul whom have just come back from outside and lead them away from the table.

"HEY!" they both yell, but seeing us two instantly shut up as Paul says: "So that's who she likes then!" 

"Move Macca!" George says, as he pulls Paul away from me and Ringo.

"But!-" Paul protests like a naughty or wanting child trying to pull himself the other way in an attempt to listen to mine and Ringo's conversation.

"MACCA MOVE NOW!" Louise and George both yell together as Paul grumbles a few choice curse words and does as they say. John sighs and immediately follows them, falling into step behind George.

I turn back towards Ringo and blush as Ringo laughs.

"So you like me, eh?" he asks me, a small smile on his face.

"Yeah, I do. To be honest I hoped that the fact that I fancy - I mean like you,"- I quickly corrected myself, seeing Ringo's surprised face -  "Wouldn't come out of here."

"Ah I see." he replies nodding his head as he did so.

"So uh.... you're not weirded out by all of this?" I ask lowering my head ashamed to meet his eyes.

"Well I am a bit." 

I instantly snap my head up. 

Ringo, seeing the shock and sadness on my face, says: "Why me? I mean the others are more handsome than me! All I do is play the drums and get ribbed for me massive hooter all day long."

"I like you nose. It's very handsome. I mean all of you is handsome!" I cry blushing. 'Damnit brain! Can you not say anything that doesn't involve me blushing my face off!' I chastise myself.

Ringo laughs, "I'll take that as a complement!" he cries, chuckling as he does so.

I smile, as he says: "Lou told me it's yer birthday today?"

"Yeah, yeah it is. I mean Lou's birthday present was taking me here to see you guys film - I mean who wouldn't want to see you guys film?! - but that's the only one I've had...." I trail off. "Why d'you ask?"

"Cos I'd like to give you one - a birthday present I mean."

"Oh?" I say blushing holding out my hands to receive the present.

"No love it's not an actual 'present' present - it's a.... well uh..." Ringo stops embarrassed.

"A what?" I ask quietly, please God don't let it be a snake or something!

"A kiss." he replies blushing.

"Oh?" I reply, blushing as well. "I mean if you don't want it then.."

"Oh no you're fine." I reply hastily before he can retract the offer.

He smiles. We both laugh. The other four watch intently as our lips meet.
 Louise squeals burying her fist in her mouth to make her squeals stop halfway through. John and Paul both whistle and cheer, George shakes his head and laughs quietly at the childish antics of his mates.

'I never want this to end.' I think as Ringo kisses me once more. 

"Happy Birthday to you." he whispers when we break from it.

I smile and kiss him. 'Yes,' I think, 'Happy Birthday to me.'

Being kissed by a Beatle is the best birthday present ever. I think, smiling.


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