Stephanie Cullen's Homework Assignment.

Stephanie Cullen (a Cullen I made up) gets a homework assignment to write diary entries for a week about her family, her home and her life. I tried to make it as funny as possible! Enjoy!

Please note that Stephanie has to write about her family like they are human and not vampires, since she has to hand it into her human English teacher.
Also, this is written about the time of Eclipse, so no Renesmee, sorry!

Chapter 1

Monday 3th May 2010; The Cullen Household.

by: Cosmiic
Stephanie Cullen
Forks Middle school
English class
Mrs. Brent

PRIVATE! KEEP OUT! Unless you're Mrs. Brent who is marking this, in that case read on :)

05/13/12 or 13/05/12 if you live in Europe or something, The Cullen Household.

Dear diary-homework-thingy,

I should probably of rubbed garlic on the front cover of this book, to keep vampires and evil spirits away. Because I don't want any vampires or evil spirits reading this. Ha ha ha. Like those things actually exist.

I've never written a diary before, so I'm not sure if I'll be any good at it. We have to write in informal language. I Googled informal and it came up with this:

1. not of a formal, official, or stiffly conventional nature an informal luncheon
2. appropriate to everyday life or use informal clothes
3. (Linguistics / Grammar) denoting or characterized by idiom, vocabulary, etc., appropriate to everyday conversational language rather than to formal written language
4. (Linguistics / Grammar) denoting a second-person pronoun in some languages used when the addressee is regarded as a friend or social inferior In French the pronoun ``tu'' is informal, while ``vous'' is formal

But I don't get what half of that stuff means, so that wasn't very helpful.

Anyway, my name is Stephanie Cullen, but you can call me Steph if you want. I am 11 years old. I have black or very dark brown hair that is kinda loosely curled and goes down to my waist. My eyes are golden-y and I'm 5ft and half a centimetre tall. I had Esme measure me yesterday. I am the youngest and the smallest in my family and it's annoying because people always underestimate you. I really like my family and my home and stuff. I also like the Nature Channel, animals and colourful things and PURPLE. Read on to find out about my family and stuff.

I have a big family, but were all adopted. There are eight or nine of us altogether. Eight of us live in one house, and the ninth person is Isabella Swan, but she likes to be called Bella. She is Edwards girlfriend or fiancee or whatever. She comes here often, and she is like our third sister. She is mostly getting fixed up by Carlisle because she's broken her hand or needs stitches or something. I'll go ask her if she likes me, since she's over right now.
She said "yes" and she was all smiley and everything, so I suppose she was telling the truth.
Bella has long brown hair and chocolate brown eyes and she is very pretty. She always is very clumsy and she knocks things over and trips up a lot. But no one minds. We just laugh. But not in a mean way, because everyone likes Bella. Except my adopted sister Rosalie. She doesn't like Bella because Edward likes Bella more than her.

Rosalie has blonde hair that goes just past her shoulder. Her eyes are golden and she is the most beautiful out of everyone in our family. And she knows it.
I don't know if Rosalie likes me or not, I'll ask her.
She said "yes" but she didn't smile or look at me or anything, so I don't know if she is lying, or if she even heard the question. Oh well. I don't mind that people don't like me. I get used to it. But I quite like Rosalie.

Rosalie is in love with my adoptive brother Emmett and they have been married lots and lots of times. Roes always makes me be a bridesmaid. She says I look cute in the dresses she picks out for me. Anyway, Emmett is very, very big and muscular and big and stuff. Once I had a fight with him, but not a nasty fight, we were training for war. I so almost won. Emmett is always either in his Jeep, in the forest, with Rose, teasing Bella about scoring or something, playing baseball, watching a ball game or doing something else that hasn't been listed. He has short black or very dark brown hair and golden eyes. I'll ask him if he likes me.
He said "sometimes" I asked "at what times don't you and at what times do you?" He said "when you're being annoying and forcing everyone to watch the Nature Channel, I don't like you. When you're funny or something, I like you."

Anyway, everyone is yelling at me to hurry up 'cos we have to go to the forest now. I'll write tomorrow.


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