Sunshine, Nutella and....Oh No! Not her!

Ok, so the title usually has a -Jasper or a -Amber or a -___ with who evers name and that just means that this chapter is from THEIR point of view!

Chapter 1

My Favourite Things in Life - Amber

by: Spova
My two favorite things, I thought as I paced back and forth across my yard. A spoonful of Nutella, and this warm sunshine on my back…oh, and him.
Just thinking about him sends butterflies through my tummy, and shivers up my back.
“This is an unhealthy obsession.” My mother had said when I told her. But I don’t care. She doesn’t know him, and I have told no one else. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have told her either, but it’s hard to keep secrets from my mom, she seems to know everything.
But my mother is a sad memory. I let my thoughts drift back to him. How can a guy be made so perfect? Jet black hair, mysterious dark eyes that seem to hold the answer to life…
“Amber!” my father called.
“Coming!” I yelled, and rushed to wash the now-empty spoon, that used to be full of Nutella.
“A friend is here. He says that you guys are going to the dance together.”
The dance! How could I forget? Oh no, this was the most important dance of the year. Actually, my principle makes students go to every dance, unless they have a ‘reasonable reason’ to skip. Though, this time, I have a reason of my own to go. I heard that he is going. The principle loves him almost as much as I do, and lets him skip the dances all the time. My friend Nicki persuaded me to talk to him during this dance. That is why I must look my best. Though I have to say, that is going to be hard.
As always, my uncontrollable mane of red hair is not cooperating. It rarely does, except on weekends, when I have no one to see, or when I’m sick, and I don’t let anyone see me anyways.
I see Luke standing in the doorway. He was the one that my mother always approved of. But like I told her many times, he doesn’t like me in that way, and I don’t like him either.
“I’ll be down in a sec.” I say, as I rush upstairs.
Luke was the only one of my friends who didn’t, and still doesn’t, approve of my crush on Jasper. It’s not that I mind, I mean my love life is up to me, it’s just that he won’t tell me why, and the way he looks at Jasper annoys me. It looks like he might go punch him or something.
I put on the red dress I bought especially for this dance. The dress is simple, nothing fancy, but enough sparkles to last me a lifetime. Nicki helped me pick it out. She said that this made me look amazing. I trust her word, she has a sixth sense for fashion. Though I’m not surprised, with her looks… I mean it’s not that she’s all that gorgeous, but she is very pretty in her own, simple way. If only I had her looks, she looks great in just about anything!
Suddenly, a voice snapped me out of my reverie. “Amber! Are you coming?”
“Oh, right, yeah! Give me a minute!” I replied, rushing to finish up my make-up and and fix my dress.

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