The Butterfly Project: our life saver!

The Butterfly Project: our life saver!

This is a way for everyone to share their butterflies if they joined The Butterfly Project and to tell your story(if you want). Wether you are doing this cause you self-harm or to show support to those who do please join you can google the Butterfly project or look at some of the quizes on here.

Chapter 1

My Butterfly Christian;)

This is my butterfly. I self-harm myself but since I joined The Butterfly Project I have stoped I hope this helps all y'all to.
@Christian Beatles: haha remember that comment you put on Millies story:The Butterfly Project saying someone should name theirs Christian…geuss what I did lol told ya it'd be pertty;p.
If anyone wants to add their butterfly in the next chapter just message me and ill pass it on. Don't worry I'm on here almost everyday.


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