Wish Me Luck!!

this is going to be the longest weekend of my life!

Chapter 1

Holiday World

by: Screw_it
ok so some of you know this and others dont.

Im in an all-girl show choir at my highschool.
Tomorrow at noon we leave with the Co-ed show choir to go to competition at Holiday World!

Its a 4 hour drive to our hotel in French Lick, IN but it has an indoor water park!

Im really excited to be competing at an amusement park but really scared at the same time.
1. My choir director has had a mental breakdown
2. our singing and choreography arent quite where they ought be.
3. We're up against some of the best girls in the state
4. Im so not ready for this
5. Im really nervous and freaking out!

Wish me luck! :)



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