I Could Be Your Buzz Lightyear.....(A Justin Bieber Love Story)

I Could Be Your Buzz Lightyear.....(A Justin Bieber Love Story)

Name: Ray Collins
Age: 17
Looks: Brown Hair, Tanned Skin, Blue Eyes
Personality: Sweet, Smart, Adorable, Loveable, Great Listener
Info: Got Discovered By Usher Through YouTube, and Now He Is Signing Her, And She Will Be Going On Tour With Justin Bieber.

I Do Not Own Any Songs

Chapter 1

My New Chapter

"And sign here,"Usher told my mom as he gave her the pen.
I still couldn't believe my dreams were coming true, this is so surreal. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be here, in Usher's office, with Justin standing beside him, while my mom signed a contract that holdsevery dream I've ever dreamed.
"And don't worry ma'am, I would take care of your daughter....,"Justin started to say, but realized he didn't know my name.
"Ray,"I said.
"I would take care of Ray while we are on tour,"he continued.
I saw my mom with a doubtful look, but she knew this has always been my dream. Fireworks exploded everywhere when she signed the contract, I still couldn't believe that a dumb video of me singing could of brought me here.
"Okay, Ray, I signed it, but I expect you to behave, and I expect you to continue with your studies,"my mom said, embarrassing me.
"I promise,"I simply replied hugging her.
"Okay, why don't you two get to know each other, while I clear any questions Mrs. Collins may have,"said Usher gesturing to me ad Justin. We nodded and left his office.
"You still can't believe it, can't you?,"he asked as soon as he closed the door.
"How'd you know?,"I asked him with a smirk.
"Same feeling I had,"he simply replied," and I'm Justin Bieber by the way."
He extended his hand and I shook it.
"I'm Ray Collins,"I replied,"and I know who you are, every teenage girl knows who you are."
A smirk appeared on his face, a bit cocky I see. I chuckle under my breath. I'm just glad we are getting along, since we are going to go on tur for several months together.
"It's done, we leave on Friday,"said Usher coming out of his office with a smile, my mom was right behind him. We said goodbye and left. On the way out we saw Selena going in, probably going to visit Justin. We drove back home with a smile on my face.

I woke before my alarm clock went off, I was that excited! Today was Friday, the day I'm going on tour with Justin!
Yesterday's night I packed everything I would need. From my clothes to my laptop. I grabbed my suitcase and my stuff lion, Rob, who I couldn't sleep without.
"I'm going to miss you soo much, I won't have my little girl anymore to wake me up with her annoying singing,"said my father joking around with tears in his eyes.
"Dad!,"I faked whined as I hugged him. Then my mother gave me this long speech, about how I need stick with my studies and stuff mother's tell their daughters when they move away.
"Mom, I'm not moving away! It's only for a few months!,"I exclaimed as I hugged her.
After that, I went outside were a limo was waiting for me to start the world tour, which would start in London in three months!!!


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