The randomest story ever

The randomest story ever

Hope u like this is going to be the randomest story eva :P ps plz don't write negative comments thx

Chapter 1


Once there was a black cat in a paper bag and his name was uh... Steve!!! And he lived in a... a... pineapple farm!!! And Steve liked to ummm... bungee jump off cliffs with dumbbells around his neck!!! And one day he... ooh cheese yummy.Anyway Steve liked stuff. And that's not the end because this is a chain story and no one said the end yet. Then one day he was in a monster truck running over the zoo and Steve saw a goldfish. His name was Fred. Fred liked pineapples. So Fred and Steve went to the pineapple farm and ate pineapples. Not the end because this is a chain story. Then...


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