Lone Soldier (A Hans von Witzland Love Story)

Hans von Witzland
Er Haltman

Chapter 1

Run, Fraulein, Run

by: Tipper
June 16th, 1944- 10 days after D-Day:
"She's gettin' away!" one soldier said.
"She won't get far!" another said.
"Don't underestimate her! She's not as dumb as you think she is!" the third one said.
"Shut up!" said the lieutenant. "She will get away if you keep arguing and not pay attention. Now... after her!"
I ran with all my might. Running through twigs and branches in the forest in the hot summer was hard. It was too hot, especially during this time of day, and running from the German platoons who had captured me wasn't easy either.
"Damn! She's too fast!" I heard the first soldier say behind me, his pace slowing and he was panting. I kept running though.
"We've got to catch her! She's trouble!" the second one. Their black oily boots crunched the ground close behind me, and it scared me so bad I almost pissed myself and I picked up my own pace. The second and the lieutenant were still running close behind me. The third one, I assumed, had stopped like the first one and couldn't catch up. Two given up, and two more to lose.
The lieutenant snorted. "You think you'll get away, girl! Well, you won't! Don't you know who you're dealing with?!"
The second soldier laughed as I hid behind a tree and had watched them, my heart pounding in my ears. I was frightened.
"Yah, sweet girl. Come out and surrender! We ain't gonna hurt 'cha!" the second guy said. "Give up. You can't go against Nazis like us. We're too tough."
I took a deep breath, closing my eyes, and then I broke off into a run again.
"There she goes! After her, Heinz!" the lieutenant yelled, and then they both ran after me.
I kept running, looking behind my shoulder just in case one got close. But then, I had an idea in mind. I stopped dead in my tracks, flipped around, and smirked at the upcoming German soldiers.
They slowed their pace and stared at me. The lieutenant laughed, and the second soldier chuckled.
"You've given up," the lieutenant said, taking off his police-looking cap. "You gonna cooperate with us and come back to the camp?"
I bit my lip, hesitating as I looked from the lieutenant, to the second solider, and then back at the lieutenant, smiling.
"Yes, sir. I shall come back with you. Cuff me. I give up. I guess I was wrong. I have nothing else. I have nowhere to run..." But, I was lying. This was just a trick of mine to get away from these jerks.
"Heinz. Your doing." The lieutenant nodded. Heinz nodded, took out some rope-like cuffs. He smiled and came over behind me. As he was just about to tie my hands together, I lifted my leg up, and kicked him in the groin with the end of my shoe. He leaned over, groaned in pain, and tumbled to the ground. The lieutenant tried to grab me, but missed, and instead, I grabbed Heinz's pistol, or Luger, and I lifted it up and pointed it at the lieutenant.
But, he just laughed. "Well, well, well. You've got his gun. You gonna shoot me? If you are, where's that gonna get you?"
"Far away from this hell hole, I'll tell you that," I said, still pointing the gun at him. "At least you won't chase me anymore."
"That could all change, if you just come back to the camp, girl."
"Why would I? So you can torture me until I give you answers?" I snapped.
"Not torture." He replied.
"Ugh, you're sick. You stupid idiot. You damn rapists." I growled, pointing the gun more firmly at him, clenching my teeth and narrowing my eyebrows angrily.
"No, no, course not," the lieutenant replied. "None of that at the camps. They get caught, they get punished. That's the way it goes." He shrugged like it was no big deal.
"Well, whether you guys are like that or not, I'm not going back," I said, and I meant it.
"You better, or bad things will happen to you."
"Go to hell." I hissed through my teeth, snarling like a dog. Then, I pulled the trigger, and shot him in the knee.
"AHH!" he yelled, falling, clutching his leg. "Damn it! Medic!"
I almost laughed. Why would this little idiot cry for a medic when he was in the middle of nowhere.
"Auf Wiedersehen, lieutenant," I said, lowering the pistol. "I'll be leaving now." I started jogging away, but as I did, I thought I heard him say, "Don't think Kalmin won't be coming for ya! He's still on the loose!"
Now, I was more scared than ever. Kalmin was tough, scary, and a little too strong to handle. When I saw him at the camp, he was damn scary.
As I walking around the forest, Luger in hand, I kept looking all around myself, in case more Germans were coming for me. I'm sure there were, but if Kalmin was close by, I had to get the hell outta here.
A twig snapped somewhere nearby me, and it wasn't me, because I was standing still, looking around.
Another snapped.
I looked around, my heart pounding.
"Fraulein? Where art thou, fraulein?" a voice teased.
I recognized that voice.
"Come out of hiding, and play, fraulein," he teased again.
I didn't see him yet, but he was somewhere nearby.
"Fraulein, I don't wanna do this." He said. "/Wo sind Sie versteckt, fraulein?/"
That's when I took off. I ran and kept running for my life, and I didn't hear the sound of German soldier's boots coming for me, but I was too scared to look behind. So scared I wanted to now scream for help.
But there was none.
And then, I was blocked. By tall iron fences.
"Shiit!" I cursed, almost throwing down the Luger, but then realized I should keep holding in case Kalmin came.
As I started pacing around, trying to find a way out, I heard a whispering voice behind me say into my ear.
"Run, fraulein, run."
I gasped, turned, and my eyes went wide to see Kalmin standing there, his helmet and uniform on. In his hand was a white cloth and some rope.
I screamed.

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