I Gotta Let This Out..

Chapter 1

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A lot of people on this site say, "I'm so sick of my life!" or "I'm so sick of everyone and everything!" You know what I'm sick of?! People being fvcking depressed!! I care about you and your problems!! I really do! I don't have your life so I wouldn't know exactly how bad it is. I've been getting a lot of stories on here saying how people think they're worthless. Or how no one would care if they died. There are way too many people on Quibblo suffering from depression!!!!! I'm glad you're telling us about your problems. You're doing the right thing by letting out your feelings and talking to people about it. But it makes me so sad to know that some of you guys have to deal with so much stress. I just wish everyone was happy and peaceful.

I'm NOT mad at anyone!! I'm just saying that there's too many problems in our lives and I hate what this world has become! I know a couple people on this site committed suicide and it hurts me. I never knew those people but it's sad and horrible to know they took their own life away. Guys, PLEASE DO NOT EVER commit suicide!!! Don't even think about it!!!!!!! I mean it!!!! I'm so sick of the issues that all of us deal with. Everytime I get a story about how someone is depressed, it kills me inside. It hurts me to know you guys are struggling to be happy.

If any of you think you are worthless, YOU ARE 100000% WORTHFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have positive thoughts!! It makes life easier!

Thanks for putting up with this little rant. :P I apologize if this story offends anyone!!



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