Scars of a Rune (A Mortal Instruments Fanfiction)

Written by me (StaceyCasey), Fab4Forever, and GreenDragonGirl.
When the Inquisitor goes missing in LA the Clave sends some Shadow Hunters from Nevada to investigate, and shadow hunter Danielle finds more than she was expecting in California.
Enjoy :)

Chapter 3

Tours (Danielle's POV)

For a moment there was just silence.

Then Ricky exclaimed, "What? When?"

The woman with long silvery hair, Patricia, sighed. Now that she'd spilt the beans, I supposed she was relieved there wasn't more anger. To put it nicely, no one really did like the Inquisitor anyway. "The last time he was heard from was in San Diego last Thursday. No one has any idea where he went, but the last person he talked to was Jared Blake."

I jolted. Blake? Hadn't those warlocks been talking about a Blake? But it couldn't possibly the same one....

"Who's that?" Tracey asked curiously, disrupting my thoughts.

"He's the Inquisitors’ nephew. He's coming here next week so we can ask him a few questions, but until then we must train and wait patiently," she told us, now regaining her calm completely.

"I still don't see why we need them here," Addison argued.

"Addison," Patricia said warningly.

"Not to be rude," I interjected, "but shouldn't we have come a day before Jared would arrive, instead of a week early?"

Patricia looked a little caught off guard as everyone turned to look at her. But she continued on as if I'd said nothing, much to my annoyance. "We also have a Downworlder coming in tomorrow."

I already hated it here. Everyone around the table besides Ricky, the twins, and I shared wrinkled noses like they'd smelt something bad.

"So," Ricky said to break the awkward silence, "does anyone feel like showing me around?"

"Sure," said Aven good naturedly.

"I'll come, too," said Kyle, which made Aven frown.

"Excellent," Patricia chirped. "So since the boys will show Ricky around, us girls can show Danielle the training room."

On the way there Tracey kept asking me what our Institute was like. I tried avoiding her questions or vaguely answering them because I didn't want to admit theirs was ten times nicer looking.

"Tracey, seriously leave her alone," Addison told her sister.

"It's not like I'm interrogating her," Tracey retorted.

"No, that'd require a dark room and a light pointing in her face. But your doing great without them," she said sarcastically.

"We're here," announced Patricia, ending the argument.

I instantly brightened for two reasons. One, I love sparing and training. And two this was the first room that looked reasonably the same as ours.

"Would you mind showing us some of your techniques?" Patricia asked.

"Sure," I said and reached for the daggers.

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