Scars of a Rune (A Mortal Instruments Fanfiction)

Written by me (StaceyCasey), Fab4Forever, and GreenDragonGirl.
When the Inquisitor goes missing in LA the Clave sends some Shadow Hunters from Nevada to investigate, and shadow hunter Danielle finds more than she was expecting in California.
Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Road Trip (Danielle's POV)

First the characters:

Name: Danielle Conway
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Shadow Hunter, Downworlder, or Human: Shadow Hunter
If Downworlder what kind: Shadow Hunter
Personality: Doesn't see anything wrong with Downworlders, lovable, caring, defensive, fierce when it comes to protecting the ones she loves, sweet
Love Interest: No one yet
Resident in: Las Vegas, NV

Name: Addison Westchester
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Shadow Hunter, Downworlder, or Human: Shadowhunter
If Downworlder what kind: Shadowhunter ^-^
Personality: Hostile to people she doesn't know, untrusting, vicious, cunning, good with words, very temperamental, moody. She's loyal and loves the people she's close too.
Love Interest: Aven, a guy Shadowhunter their age in LA
Resident in: Los Angles, CA
Other: Has a sister named Tracey that is also a Shadowhunter in LA

Name: Taylen Glowthorn
Gender: Female
Shadowhunter, Downworlder, or Human: Downworlder
If Downworlder what kind: Warlock
Looks: Long brown hair with a greenish tint, has slightly fey-like features, bright green eyes
Personality: Mysterious and a little secretive, but not unhelpful.
Love Interest: No one currently.
Resident in: Venice, Italy
Other: Visiting Los Angeles on official top secret warlock business. Age is currently unknown.


"Dani?" Maria, my mentor, knocks on my bedroom door.

I'm idly tossing my witch light in the air and then catching it. I'm normally not this bored but Bailey, the only other Shadow Hunter here besides Maria and I, is visiting her cousins in New York. "Come in," I called back.

Maria had bronzed skin and black hair that fell to her waist. Though she was shorter than me, she gave off the appearance of being much taller with her confidence and wisdom. "What are you doing with that?"

"Nothing," I said quickly and pocketed it. "What's up?"

"The Clave wants to send you to Los Angles," she said.

"Wait what? Why?" I asked.

She diverted her eyes. Of course she'd be quickly willing to tell me I'm being shipped off, but as soon as I asked for details she'd change the subject. "I thought you said you wanted to see the world."

"A state over is not seeing the world," I argued.

"It's at least part of it. Anyway your ride will be picking you up in three hours, so get ready," she ordered and headed for the door.

"Who's driving me?" I asked curiously, though later I wished I hadn't asked.

"Ricky Langcaster," she replied before closing the door behind her.

"What?" I yelled at the closed door. Uhg, great. I was going to be stuck for four hours in a car with my ex-boyfriend. Lovely.

With a sigh I grabbed my red suitcase and black backpack from my closet and started filling the suitcase with clothes, makeup, soap, chargers, brushes, and a curling iron. The backpack I put some personal stuff in like my phone, iPod, my wallet, and a picture of my parents. I'd gone for a jog today so with my other two hours I took a shower and then changed into a green top and jean shorts. After using the blow dryer I packed it in my suitcase as well.

Pulling my hair up into a ponytail I checked the time. It was noon and I still had an hour left, so I headed to the kitchen. Maria was working on finding a cook with the Sight, so until then I had to make the food for us.

As I made my sandwich I couldn't help thinking of Bailey. She was related to the Lightwoods and had told me all about them and some guy named Jace she had a crush on, but he was apparently taken. After I finished my sandwich I brushed my teeth and slipped my sandals on right as I heard a car beep from outside.

I groaned. Why couldn't Maria drive me? "I'm leaving!" I called.

Maria appeared at the top of the stairs near the entrance. "Okay, call us when you get there," she instructed before disappearing again.

"Bye," I muttered as I slung my backpack on and dragged my suitcase out the door.

Ricky had the radio blasting but he turned it down when I came out. "Hey," he said when he got out. "Like my new jeep?"

I rolled my eyes. Yes it was new looking and had a pretty coat of cherry red paint on it, but I wasn't going to tell him that. "What's to like?" I said, just to tick him off.

He scowled and tried to take my suitcase.

I jerked away and quickly said, "I got it, just be gentle and put this in the passenger seat." I handed it to him.

I watched him put it carefully in the seat before I put my suitcase in the trunk, wishing I could join it.

Two Hours of Silent Driving Later

"Why are you pulling into here?" I asked, breaking the agreed upon silence. I'd put my iPod in once he'd started talking about himself, and he still looked peeved for having no one to gloat to.

"I'm hungry," he said curtly.

I quickly followed him into the diner when he parked the car. I quickly saw this was a Downworlder restaurant as I looked around. That was one of the few things Ricky and I had in common; neither of us looked down on them.

"Pick a table," he said, which got him a glare from me.

There were only a few more tables left, so I grabbed one in front of a couple of werewolves. Ricky got in the booth across from me.

Grabbing one of the menus, I flipped to the human food section. Under the table I felt Ricky's leg brush mine and I pulled mine back instinctively.

Soon a warlock with spiky orange hair and scaly skin came over to take our orders.

"I'll just have a lemonade and some fries," I told him.

He nodded and looked at Ricky. "And you?"

"Can I have the bacon burger?"

"Sure," said the warlock and walked back into the kitchen.

"So how's Bailey?" Ricky asked after an awkward pause.

"She's in New York with her cousins," I said, pretending to really take an interest in the cracks in the table.

"Oh, cool. So I was hoping we could talk" He said tentatively, his eyes wary.

I didn't look at him. "There is no us. There's just a Ricky and a Danielle. Separate," I emphasized.

"But since we'll both be living in the same Institute~" he started.

"What?" I hissed. "You're staying there, too?"

Ricky nodded with a smile I wanted to smack off. "I asked Maria if I could go, too."

My hand twitched. "I'm not interested in a relationship anymore, Frederick," I said, using his whole name like I knew he hated.

He frowned and he let the conversation go when our food came.

When I finished my stuff I gave him some of my money to pay and told him I was going back to the jeep. When I got in I noticed a pair of female witches bickering a few cars away. I put on a hat and shades they wouldn't notice me.

"I thought I told you not to talk to Blake," one with pointy ears scolded the other with long purple hair.

"You can't tell me what to do, Connie, so stop treating me like a child." Purple hair sounded like a teenager, though she stood at least four feet taller than her friend.

"Shadow Hunters are bad news, Aqua, please just~"

"Ready to go?" Ricky said as he got in the car, making the witches look over and narrow their eyes at us.

"Sure," I muttered, frustrated. The name Blake sounded familiar, and why were they talking about Shadow Hunters?

Before pulling out he cranked the music just to bug me. I sighed pulling off my hat, but left the shades on because of the sun.

With a jerking stop my eyes flew open. "Are we there?" I asked, looking at Ricky.

"Yeah, you fell asleep," he said with a smile.

"Oh," I mumbled and got out. The LA Institute looked like ours but bigger... and fancier. Oh well, as long as the other Shadow Hunters weren't snooty, I'd be fine.

Grabbing my backpack and suitcase, I headed towards the entrance with Ricky.

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