Live, Laugh, Shamone (a Michael Jackson Love Story)

ok so technically this is my 5th or 6th official story. but on this account this is my first. i hope you guys enjoy this story. if in any way i "copied" anyone's story or "stole" their title, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! this has happened before on my old account.
i don't want them to start hating on me. SO please let me know.
BTW, i dedicate this to Ivana, because on my old account i accidentally stole her title on one of my stories. I really am sorry about that Ivana. Please Forgive!

Chapter 1

The Impossible Became Possible

Intro please read!! Ivana, this story is dedicated to you. Please read intro, I really am sorry about that MJ story incident. hope you forgive me! Luv Vienna
oh and btw, takes place in Bad era :)

I was in my room, dancing to Michael Jackson's ''Billie Jean''. i threw my fedora across my bedroom just like Michael when he performed on stage.
i did all of Michael's signature moves. the spin, moonwalk, even the crotch grab. Though i really had nothing to grab....but ANYWAYS. i was dancing, and in to the beat.
Suddenly the Music sounded different. a little TOO different. kind of like as if it's Live. like he's behind me.
i slowly turned around, squeezing my eyes shut because i was scared at what i might see.
i slowly peeked through my eyelids.
''that's weird...'' i thought.
i turned around again and continued dancing.
it started sounding normal for the first 30 seconds...then got weird again..
By then i got a little too creeped out and decided that that was enough for today.
i stopped the music and drank out of my water bottle.
i looked down. a drip from my water bottle had fallen on the wood floor. i leaned over to see where the drop fell, making sure it wasnt on my phone.
Then while bending down i also tilted the water bottle, and a whole bunch of water came splashing down on the wood floor.
''shoot.'' i thought.
i opened my door and found a towel in the linen closet and grabbed it. i went back in my bedroom to clean it up.
as i was wiping it up, i handed the towel to someone.
then i froze.
''wait a one's did i.....''
i slowly looked up at who i just handed the towel too.
a beautiful face smiled back at me. He had Chocolate Brown eyes, and curly black hair. some of the curls escaped his hair pin and fell in his face. he had perfectly white teeth.
first i opened my mouth to scream for 2 reasons: 1. IT'S MICHAEL JACKSON! and 2. because...well how did he get into my house??!?!?!?!
"You're did you....when did you.....why did you.....WHAT?!" i finally said.
Michael flashed one of his perfect toothy grins. "i came from that poster" he said pointing to the wall. " i just got here, and i came because it get's tiring to be there all the time. and it gets really tempting to smile at you when you sing to me and to dance with you but i knew i couldnt and i-"
i was looking at him puzzled. ''i never thought of him talking so much....huh...'' i thought.
"was i blabbing?" he asked.
"y-ye-NO!" i said.
this time he looked at me puzzled.
we stared at eachtother for 3 seconds, and both of us burst out laughing.
"wait" i said when i finished my laughing moment. "So why did you decide to come out now?" i asked.
Michael thought about it for a moment. then he shrugged. "I felt like it, i guess" he said.
"Oh...ok" i said. "So....are you...uhh...thirsty or hungry?" i asked.
"Actually yes" he said. "could i get a glass of water?"
"Sure" i said. i opened my door and went downstairs. he followed behind.
i looked behind me. "I was gonna bring it up, but i guess this works too" i said.
he smiled.
i got a glass out of the cabinets and poured some water into the glass. then i went over to the freezer for some ice.
i dropped a few icecubes in it and gave the glass to him.
"Thanks" he said and gulped down the water.
i smiled.
"Ahhh....."he said when he finished.
i laughed.
"more?" i asked.
"No thanks" he said and put the glass in the sink.
then we went right back upstairs again.
"Hey, Where Are You Going?"!" i asked, catching up.
he was humming "Smile" and somehow didnt hear me. i didnt know humming would be loud enough to not hear someone....huh.
but it sounded beautiful so i shut myself up and listened.
i got up the stairs, and his voice had made me extremely sleepy.
i groggily made my way to my bed and curled up.

when i woke up, i was in my bedroom just like i had fallen asleep in. But there was Really loud music downstairs.
and it sounded like people where here.
i rubbed my eyes and crawled out of bed.
i quickly brushed my hair.
i slowly made my way down the stairs and froze.
my eyes widened. This was Not A Normal Party At All...........

hey guys i hope you liked this! sorry i havent been on in a while. i forgot my password for about like a week or something and suddenly remembered. I'm Careless. anyway i know this wasnt very good, but i think it'll get much better. Anyways, please comment and rate! and maybe favorite. :) lol, ok Bye!

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