Hey guys! So if you don't know what happened, I left to go somewhere for a few day's and some of my brothers hacked into my Quibblo account and changed everything, messed everything up, changed my settings... Etc. and then when I got back, all of my Quibblo friends (well most of them) told me what happened, because I had no idea it happened, so I planned revenge on them :D read below to see what I did to each of them! XD

Chapter 1

Revenge on some of my brother's for hacking into my Quibblo account when I was away! XD

Okay, so I pretended to just forgive my brother's and act like it didn't bother me at all what they did, but I was just saving the revenge for later, when they least expected it :] I did something different to all of them, to get back at what they did on Quibblo so here is what I did (hope you have fun reading!):

Liam, age 18: Okay, so we have a really big backyard, and Liam is captian his soccer team, and he's really close buddies with his whole team. When Liam was in the shower a couple nights ago, I took his phone from his room, and fowarded a text message to EVERYONE on his soccer team saying to come to our house at 6am, to run over some drills, and too see something really awesome. I also mentioned to not respond to the text because he wouldn't check his phone until the next day. So, the next morning I woke up at like 6:30am, and set everything up. Most of his team (except for maybe one person) showed up at our house and before they rang the doorbell, I walked outside quietly and told them to get their phones out and point their camera's at the front door, and made up some lame excuse about why they had too. But they listened to me, so yay. Anyway, I closed the door, and ran into his room screaming random stuff, dragged him towards the front door, (with only him in his... Uhhh.... Boxers), pushed him out the front door, (and note, that he was half asleep and didn't know what was going on), and by the time he was in the driveway in front of his whole team, I got the hose out from the side of the house and sprayed him with FREEZING cold water, and laughed my butt off. His whole team was recording, and laughing and Liam was like freaking out! It was great! I felt bad for a second when I turned the water off, but it was all good because I made his team delete all the videos and pictures, after I explained what happened. Oh yeah, and then he sprayed me with the water, and after he turned it off, we were both soaking wet, and shivering. There was a moment of silence, before we all looked at eachother, and started cracking up :]

Luke age 16: Ha! This one never gets old. So, Luke and Dillon are both in one of my first period classes, so I know who's in the class. For example, some of Luke's best guys friends are in it, and oh yeah, a ton of girls ;] so, in the morning, before we went to school, I put a bright pink bra into Luke's backpack and also put a few light weight rocks to make it seem like he had his books in there. I put all of his stuff into my backpack, and shoved it in my locker right before class. So when we all got to class, I waited until the room was mostly silent and our teacher was just perparing some note's for his next class. This was homeroom, so we can basically use it as a study period. Anyway, when it got mostly silent, I kind of shouted out to Luke, who was a couple rows in front of me: Hey, can I have a piece of paper Luke? I ran out of mine. I said this kind of loud enough so that the class was all looking at us (and yeah... I was trying hard not to laugh). So he goes: Yeah, sure. One sec. So, he opens his backpack and pulls out the bra (so basically THE WHOLE CLASS COULD SEE! [he didn't mean too have the whole class see though. It just worked out that way]) and kinda mutters: What the Hell...?! And he's just standing there holding a bra and a rock, and everyone in our class (ESPECIALLY the guy's) are CRACKING UP SOOO MUCH! One guy's desk even feel over, he was laughing so hard. Dillon had no idea what I did (or that I did it), but he was laughing so hard! Our teacher kind of laughed, and asked him "Why he brought a bra to school." Luke didn't talk to me for the rest of the class, but then I said a really deep sorry, and then promised to make his bed for a week, so eventually he got over it. XD

Dillon age 15: This one isn't as exciting, but this is what happened: I downloaded the Baby ringtone by Justin Bieber, to his phone, and set it to my contact ID. I know he always has his phone on in school, so in math (which was like a couple periods after homeroom), everyone was quietly talking, waiting for our teacher to pass out a worksheet, I called him on my phone and it played Baby, SO loud, that everyone turned around to see whose phone it was. When Dillon took his out, and saw that it was his, everyone cracked up, and all the girls were just like: OMG, Dillon, thats SO cute that you have that as your ringtone! And the guy's probably could have died... :] after class Dillon was kind of annoyed, but he said he forgave me because it wasn't nearly as bad at what Luke's punishment was XD

Noah age 14: So this might embarass him, but Noah HATES worms more than anything. Like, if he sees one, he'll scream like a girl. So, at lunch a few days ago, I hid some gummi worms in his soup, when he was getting a spoon, and when he came back and started to eat it, he saw a worm, and screamed so loud, that the whole cafeteria became sort of quiet, and looked at him. I ran away quick enough to my table after I put the worms in, so I was good :] but he jumped out of his seat, and splashed the soup all over his face and everything. It was HALARIOUS! When we got home, Noah attacked me, and ripped one of my One Direction posters in half, but then he felt bad, so he taped it back together. :]

Dallas age 13: Dallas was sitting by our pool in the backyard with some friends, and I snuck up behind him and screamed really loud near his ear and he screamed like a girl, and then fell into the pool. He just like came up from the water and was like: what was that for!? I just said: Humph! And then stompted back inside :D the bonus was that one of his friends was laughing really hard, but felt bad so he tried to help Dallas out of the pool, but then lost his balence and fell in too. XD I was inside laughing so hard on that one, because by then, Dallas was really close to getting out of the pool, but his friend almost fell on top of Dallas, so Dallas fell back in! :]

Okay, so that was what I did to each of them for revenge for their hacking spree on my Quibblo account! Thanks for reading and PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS ON WHAT YOU THINK OF ALL THIS!

P.S- I know what I did was really mean, but it was funny... And after a while, they thought it was too :]

Xoxo, Rio


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