this is a story of how you and deidara first met and how you came to be where you are now... :)

Chapter 1

Just Walking

You're a ninja of the leaf.... you were walking through the forest when you saw a girl taking a bath.... as an instint you hide behind the closest tree and wait for a few seconds before looking again.. you were surprised by what you saw... it was'nt a girl... It was a guy! (a very hot guy you might add).... (u: \.\ <-- covers eyes.) in head: DAM HE IS SMEXY!!! all the sudden you feel a drip of water on your shoulder. you look over and see a tall, naked, long blond haired man....
IN HEAD; WTF?! you look at him and quietly say "Oh My God" he looks at you and picks u up off ur feet and takes you on to his giant bird, He Makes a few hand signs and POOF! hes dressed! in head:DAMMIT!! I WANTED TO SEE HIM NAKED SOME MORE!! anyways This man tell you his name is deidara and that he wants to know why you were spying on him naked. You: i wasn't...i was walking through the forest when your big butt got in my way Deidara: The way you were looking at me i think u like my big butt...starts to laugh You: no....i don't..... Deidara SHUT UP! Deidara: O.\/ "okay... DONT HURT ME!" You: STARTS TO LAUGH OUT LOUD O.M.G. your such an idiot.." eventually you and Deidara begin to be really good friends. One day he takes you too the Akatsuki hideout...Afterwords you and konan end up being the only girls playing Minutes in heaven.. but all of the Akatsuki were playing... Eventually it was your turn to pull out something...You reach in....you pull out...what is that? Clay? Deidara swoops you off your feet and rushes you and himself to the closet.. he slams the door and starts to immeditly taking off his shirt... "Ummmm...Deidara...whats are you doing?" "Making this interesting" he slams his lips against yours and starts to run his hands up your shirt...he starts to slowly to frenchkiss you and he finally manages to make you submissive. This carries on for about 6 minutes and you both were LOVING every second of it. you come up for air. "Deidara i hope this doesnt ruin our friendship." "it might just make it better... want to go out with me?" "OF COURSE!" you guys date for 2 more years and eventually get married and have a child named Mizori


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