Epic conversation between me and my friend who's like Mikey Way (the one you guys saw in the pic)-we're in our MCR characters!

Chapter 1

I'm Frank Iero and she's Mikey Way, we end up talking about (our) Gerard XD

Me (Frank):
You're such a unicorn...
46 minutes ago

Mikey (not her real name): I know I am.. XD
43 minutes ago

Me: OoO I raped your older brother...... joke!
40 minutes ago

Mikey:*gasp * Gerard! lol
14 minutes ago

Me: Yeah, the baby is due in..... say, about 8 more months. :))
12 minutes ago

Mikey: Why would you rape my brother..
Nah, its fine XD
11 minutes ago

Me: because I'm Frank... and that's why. XD
10 minutes ago

Me again: Frerard is a naturally-occurring thing. :))
9 minutes ago

Mikey: I can see that.. But it doesn't give you permission
8 minutes ago

Me: I'm Frank.. I don't need permission! I do what I want and that's how it goes! XD
6 minutes ago


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