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Chapter 1

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Rex sighed deeply as the clock ticked on, noon not coming fast enough he gazed out the window. Little blue jays sat in the tree five feet away chirping at each other then looking away and soon taking flight and leaving the branch swaying in the wind. Rex blinked slowly closing his eyes and wishing it was noon. The mid October breeze shook the trees beyond the schoolyard, throwing yellowish brown leaves over the clean cut field of grass. Linx the yard worker rushed out in a blur to rake the leaves off his perfect lawn slowly he picks up each one and shoves them in his black bag. Determination drives Linx crazy the lawn being his passion and only thing worth living for. Spike and Lark laugh at Linx working his way across the field pointing and laughing more when he has to start again because of the wind. Rex turns to the two “Stop laughing at least he has something to live for unlike you two who have nothing.” Spike shuts up and sits back in his chair and looks away, being scared of Rex Lark shuts up also and looks at his book. Rex turns back to the window and looks at the distant tree bending with the force of the wind. Rex looks to Linx shoving the full black bag into a nearby waste-box, wiping his hands on his light gray apron he looks up at the sky as dark clouds form ready for a storm. Linx scurries back to the door he walked out of and takes one last look at his lawn before shutting the door. Rex sighs again turning to look at Ashley talking about his lesson plan and homework he glances up at Rex and smiles.

“What do you think Rex? Why don’t you read from the book.” Ashley asks sitting on the edge of his desk pulling off his glasses his deep blue eyes stare Rex down inviting him to talk.

“Chapter 222 Pg. 982?” Rex asks looking to meet Ashley’s eyes, he nods and waits.
Rex clears his voice and starts to read “Mace Mallardica was one of the first to think of a new way to the life of humans his life goal was to bring the world into a new horizon. Mallardica started thinking of this as his way of life soon he gained power and Mallardica lost what he was truly wanting to do with life letting the citizens of Mallardica go free and be creative and fun he lost his way. Mallardica was full of color music and happy smiles Mace got pulled in and went with the way things were going not following the Divine Oligarchies wishes Mace was put on display for the city of Mallardica to shun. Mace Mallardica was killed the third night of his shun-dome. Mallardica was soon taken over by one of the Divine Oligarchies son mayor Flight Hilborn. Keeping to the Divine Oligarchies plans and wishes Flight turned Mallardica back to its normal ways.” Ashley smiles “ thank you Rex you can sit back down.” Ashley puts his glasses on and walks behind his desk as the loud bell goes off. Rex stands up and shoves his book into his bag watching all the guy walk out in their groups he walks out alone. Being 6’3 in a 5’6 world was such a disappointment, Rex watched as the hall filled up with black and gray. Mallardica is so plain everyone wears black or gray no color in life all you get to be different is eye color and that's if you have the money to get it. If you had the money you could get a new eye color and be different not everyone gets the same color and if you do they fix it for free. All the teachers have their own eye color and the rich kids. All the others have the dull gray color they were born with. Light slowly walks over to Rex his gray eyes looking sadder than before. “Rex, can I go to your place?” He asks scratching his newly shaved head, Light had been growing his hair long for the three weeks we had off, boy’s having long hair was against the rules. The nurse shaves all of it off once he walked into the school. “Sure.” Rex says making his way out of the school building. The boys walked out into the cold pulling on there school sweatshirts to walk home. Light jokes about leaving Mallardica and growing his hair long and living in color Rex laughs as light describes the color he wants his house to be. “Are you kidding me” Trent says with a smirk “a purple house.” He goes on making Light sad and Rex angered. “Leave him alone Trent!” Rex growls and Trent runs across the street scared. “Do it if you want a Purple house make one and be proud of it.” Rex says trapping Light in an arm lock. “Hey let up, Let up!” Light laughs squirming to get out of Rex’s hold. Rex lets go and laughs his deep laugh Light laughs rubbing his neck a little “I’ll race you to the tree.” Light says with a smile dropping his back into Rex’s yard, Rex drops his and smiles “Ready to lose again?” He laughs as Light starts running. Rex takes off after him with a little push he’s past light and almost to the tree. Light pushes past the pain in his leg and barley makes in a few second behind Rex, the two sit down laughing under the tree and look out at the field of green and brown grass blowing back and forth. “Mallardica needs something.” Light says out of breath. “Life?” Rex asks climbing the tree to retrieve the box hanging off a branch. Rex hands Light a water and pulls out his sketchbook and colored pens. “Yeah, make sure you don’t get caught Rex.” Light says looking for Snitches. “You know what, I’m not gonna draw today.” Rex puts the book back in the box and climbs back in the tree to hang it. Rex laughs as a wet little drop hit s his cheek followed by more each time the rain falling slowly at first but picking up. Light smiles when he hears the lighting start. “We should get back.” He says as they watch lighting hit the ground beyond the tree’s six times. The two both jog back to Rex’s house and inside they dry off. Rex watches the rain drip down the window forming bigger drops as they slid down. Light sighs bored with staring out the window. “Light What are we going to do, if your so bored.” Rex says turning away from the rain drop war on his window. Light turns with a scary smirk on his face and pulls on his rain coat “We are going out.” Rex tells Echo his mother she nods at him and turns back to feed Earth Rex’s younger brother. Light takes off down the street toward the tree with Rex in toe. Light weaves in and out of the tree line “I’m going in to the forest You coming?” Light asks. Rex laughs and pulls light away from the tree’s. “Your crazy, we will get lost and die.” Rex says pulling his jacket closer around him. “Come on whats so bad about getting lost.” Light laughs taking off into the tree’s Rex runs after his friend feeling a little sick. “ I don’t think this is right.” Rex says as they walk in the rain past tall oak trees. “What is that?” Light asks pointing to the clearing ahead of the two boys. Rex looks at Light with a scared look as they get closer. “oh cool a waterfall!” Light starts pulling his jacket off rain falling down on his gray shirt as he throws it to the ground. “Swimming in the rain?” Rex asks taking his jacket off as well. “Maybe there’s like another side to it.” Light say’s taking off his plain black pants and stands shivering in his dark gray boxers waiting for Rex. “Its gonna be freezing.” Rex says shivering with each rain drop sliding down his back. “Don’t be a pansy Rex” Light says jumping into the still water. Rex shivers and jumps in after Light. Light swims looking back at Rex following him every few seconds soon reaching a cavern. Light shivers as he climbs up on a rock and helps Rex out. “This is so cool!” Light yells his voice echoing in the cavern. Rex nods rubbing his arms for warmth. Light laughs with excitement and jumps into a different part of the cavern water. Rex sighs and jumps in after Light. Swimming in the water Light felt free from the rules of Mallardica and his old life only hoping Rex felt the same. Rex swam faster trying to keep up with light


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