Pop Star Party

Mikey and Michelle: cousins from two different worlds.
Mikey: just graduated high school, and wants to find something worth his time.
Michelle: Wants to go back home to Hollywood with her mom, 6 older brothers, and her boyfriend.
After their family reunion, nothing is the same for either of them.

Chapter 1

You're a long way away from Hollywood now (Mikey)

“Mikey, are we still going to the party tonight?” Nichole asked me on the walk home.
“I dunno, I have to ask my mom.” I told her.
“Everyone wants you to come Mikey,” She said stopping in front of my house.
“Mikey Flare, get in here this minute.” My mom yelled at me. Nichole kissed my cheek and ran off.
“Michelle got here an hour ago Mikey,” My mom said when I got inside the house.
“Can I still go to the grad party?” I asked my mom.
“Take Michelle with you,” My mom replied.
“Mom, she’s an 8th grade show off.” I said glaring at her.
“And you’ve just graduated. You’re taking her.” My mom snapped at me.
“Fine... I thought she was banned from partying though,” I said smiling.
“As long as her mother doesn’t find out, she’s going with you.” My mom said happily.

I walked into my bedroom, and wished I hadn’t. Michelle had her junk everywhere. When I say junk, I mean her suitcases, (she had 6,) her make up, (100 different shades of blue eye shadow is a bit much don’t you think?) her clothes, (That covered my floor,) and her contacts. (Who really needs 50 pairs of color contacts when you have 20/20 vision?) I couldn’t find Michelle, so I decided to look around and see how badly she had destroyed my room in the one hour she had been there. There were clothes on the floor, lipstick stains on the mirrors, and a picture of her boyfriend, Tyson Parks, on the wall.
“This is so annoying,” I muttered.
“Which, the fact that you’re in here while I’m trying to take a nap, or...” Madison started to say under a pile of clothes on my bed.
“No, that if I want to go to my graduation party, I have to bring you with me.” I told her. She suddenly burst from the pile of clothes looking very excited.
“A party! I’m so coming... Though, I need a new outfit first...” She started.
“No, you're wearing something you already own.” I yelled at her.
“I didn’t bring any party clothes” Michelle said.
“Everything you own could be worn to a party here.” I told her.
“I’m from the woods Mikey, get over it.” She said eying a black mini dress.
“I give up with you and your famous family.” I muttered. I left my room and heard her ipod as I went down stairs.

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