Born From A Bow And Arrow (A Crack Percy Jackson Based Story)

This is a story inspired by a convo with MyPapasRCalientes in class. No, we were not high. :D


Chapter 1

Arrows In The Bows...In Bed?

This is a story. My story. My name is Kiara Bowie, I am 14 years old, and this is about the time I descovered that...
I am the daughter of Artemis's bow and arrow.

Now, you're probably thinking "Daughter of Artemis's bow and arrow'? That's impossible! Blasphemous liar!" I used to think the same thing.
I wish I still did.
But life keeps getting more dangerous, even if I know how to use a bow and arrow, I've always liked archery.

How can one be born from a bow and arrow? Better question: How was Athena born from Zeus's head? Yeah, pretty much the same answer?

The process isn't so hard, I mean, have you ever shot an arrow? If the answer is "no" then it's easy:
When you position the bow in the arrow, sometimes the bow has a hole in the front, the bow goes through it and well....They screw like if they were animals in mating season, get it?

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