Finding Raven

Just a little something I was working on.

Chapter 1

"Blank no name"

Lonnie opens the car door and steps out, saying goodbye to her mother and sister. She walks to the school her short red hair blowing in her face as the wind pushes past her. She opens the big brown door and hears her favorite sound in the world. Classmates talking, and the teachers talking about what their next class will be on. Lonnie walks to her locker and turns her lock three times to the left then four times to the right then opens the locker and grabs her books.

Daniel looks over to Jay who is laying on the Floor near the windows in the classroom. Daniel ask why are you laying on the floor Jay? Jay lifts his head his Bright blue eyes staring down Daniel as he answered “Because i am trying to feel like one with the Room Danny boy that is why I am on the floor.” Jay lays his head back down and looks at the ceiling and sees something looking down from one of the cross beams. “What's that?”he asks as it moves away. “What's what?” Daniel asks moving near Jay. “That” Jay points to the thing on one of the cross beams. Daniel looks up and sees it to. “It looks like a Barbie doll Jay.” Daniel Says laying on the floor next to Jay. “I know that. but it moved.”Jay stands up. Daniel stands also moving away from where he saw the doll. Jay climbs on the shelves then on to the cross beam. “Jay Get down please. you can get into big trouble. And if you get in trouble i will get in trouble.” Daniel looks up to see Jay dangling off the beam with something in his hand. he Jumps down and walks over to Daniel. “I told you something moved up there. Now I have the proof.” Jay shows Daniel a Little Doll size Girl with Wings. Her Black hair flowing down. She looks up at him and smiles a cute little smile, her gray eyes Staring him down. “What is she?” Daniel asks still staring at the little girl in his Brother's hand.

Lonnie walks into the cafeteria with her bag lunch and sees Daniel and Jay sitting at a table. She walks over to them and says “hey” sitting down. Lonnie then notices that Jay is putting a piece of his chocolate candy bar in his Backpack. “Why are you putting Chocolate in your Bag Jay?” Lonnie asks opening her bag and pulling out Carrots, a whole wheat sandwich, and her Milk. Jay and Daniel look at each other and Jay says “because I want to that's why.”Lonnie looks at Daniel then Jay then Daniel again. “Fine Don’t Tell me.” Lonnie looks back to her food and takes a bite out of the sandwich. “Hey Lonnie can I have a Carrot please?” Jay asks Lonnie his bright blue eyes puppy eyed like. “Okay, you can have one.” Lonnie hands Jay a Carrot and he puts it into his bag. “Jay why did you stick a Carrot in your bag?” Lonnie says looking confused Still eating her sandwich. “well nice talking to you Lonnie....But we have to go do something. Come on Danny Boy.” Jay and Daniel get up and walk away leaving Lonnie alone and confused.

“Jay we should tell Lonnie. She might know what she is. And how she got here.”Daniel says pacing in the classroom. Jay looks up From the little girl at Daniel “why let the bookworm know?” Jay looks back Down at the little Girl. “I named her Raven...” Jay Says to Daniel. Daniel looks at Jay then at Raven the at Jay again.

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