Bite, Suck, Dance (An Edward Cullen love story)

Bite, Suck, Dance (An Edward Cullen love story)

Name: Miranda
Age: 17
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Bronze
Height: 5' 6''
Hobby: Ballerina

Chapter 5

Love and History

"So, I was born on June 20, 1901 in Chicago Illinois,-"
"So you are twins!" blurted Emmett
"I was born on June 20, 1901 in Chicago too!" said Edward
"Oh, coincidence," I said "You were born into a human family. I wasn't. My mother was human and she died giving birth to me, and my father was a vampire.-" I heard several audible gasps. "He abandoned me once I was old enough to hunt and walk. Me and Jane found him later... I stopped aging at the age of 7 I looked as I looked now. I had to move around a lot to many different states Florida and California included. In Illinois I met Ryan and learned I loved to dance and had a talent for it. I was with Ryan for 10 years he was starting to get on my nerves. We were in Italy at the time. Ryan was in Florence hunting I drove to Volterra bored, I had hunted a week earlier. I decided to take a tour of the castle...-"
"Did you get eaten by the Volturi!?" Emmett interrupted
"Obviously not I'm here aren't I?" I told him
"Anyway a vampire named Heidi, she was very pretty but Rosalie was prettier than her."
"Oh stop Miranda." said Rosalie
"Just stating the truth, anyway yeah she had red eyes which were poorly disguised with blue contacts which made her eyes a strange shade of purple. A lot of human tourists came along. She was fishing. I decided not to interfere but I really wanted to see the castle. Finally Heidi led us to a white marble room with a bunch vampires everywhere,
big coven I thought to myself in front there were 3 black cloaked vampires and lighter cloaked vampires around the sides. Not to be a nuisance I went over to a marble bench and sat down standing next to me were standing two vampires a big burlly one and I small dirty blond girl. The big one growled and looked at him in surprise and growled back he looked surprised and I said
'make me move' and took out my iPod and checked my facebook meanwhile the vampire in the middle said
'Welcome to Volterra' and he then he attacked and I sighed suddenly my iPod was out of my hands it was the big one and my iPod was shattered on the floor. He was preparing to attack and drink my blood. I looked at him surprised the others were watching while they drank
'Did. You. Just. Break. My. iPod?' I asked my words were soft and deadly he flinched and I advanced I was wearing
and my shoes clicked on the marble, I put my finger on his chest and said
'You're buying me an new iPod,'
'No! Your just human you'll be dead before I promise that,' he said
'Oh really?' I said and he lunged I quickly sidestepped and caught his waist and pushed him to the ground. It was an even fight we both had super speed and super strength so we tumbled and rolled and jabbed I finally got the upper handand turned over him and had his head in between my hands A crack ran across his cheek
'Any last words?' I hissed
'Ok,Ok I'll buy you a new iPod,'
'You better,' I whispered in his ear 'Or your as good as dead,' and let him go, the other vampires finished and were looking at me in amazement.
'Well vampires anyone else up for a little match?' I said the little girl came forward she had an aura with dark pain about her. as soon as she stepped up I saw her eyes widen and I knew she was going to hurt me mentally and not physically, I quickly slapped her she turned away holding her hand against her cheek
'Oww' she said
'Sorry necessary that would only be a fraction of what you were going to give me,' she gave me a wide smile and I smiled back. That's how I met the Volturi, poor fighters if you ask me I was in the council in the next hour and Ryan came too look for me I broke up with him and he said he would find me and kill me the next time he saw me Jane tortured him a little and he fled. I never saw him again. My mother who I now call mother knows my history though I'll have to leave her in a few years... or marry or move into the house of other vampire hybrids or just vampires."
"You could move in with us," said Alice we have an extra room and you could move in there?"
"Is the closet big?" I asked hopefully
"Yes!" she said
"Umm... sure I guess if I won't be too much of a trouble... and I forgot to say the Volturi are coming in a week and they promised not to slaughter you and I would appreciate that you didn't slaughter them either their friends you know..." I heard a few grumbles but they all agreed.
"Thank you,"
"Why weren't you in school a week ago?" Emmett asked Rosalie and Alice closed they're mouths and looked at me. I ignored the question the lunch room was slowly emptying.
"Let's get to class," I said they just sat there "Are you guys going to class?"
"No not now the sun's peeking out, do you want to come with us to our house?" asked Jasper
"Umm... Sure I guess if you would like me to then yeah,"
"Yeah you could see your new room and meet Carlisle and Esme!" said Alice
"Sure I'll go,"
"This is our house!" said Alice as she pulled me along, I saw two faces through the door.
"Carlisle! good to see you again and you Esme! It's been so long!"
"Miranda!" Esme squealed she ran up to me and hugged me, I turned toward the others
"I crossed paths with Carlisle and Esme many times," They relaxed "And Carlisle! good to see you again!"
"It's been too long Miranda!" he said hugging me.
"Do you guys mind if Miranda moves in with us?" asked Alice
"Of course we'd be delighted to have you as an adopted daughter once more!" I turned toward the other Cullens again
"They took care of me when my father abandoned me." They nodded
"Well I have to get going Dr. Snow called in sick I'm taking over for him. Goodbye Miranda!" he said and left
"Come on Miranda I HAVE to show you your room!" she said and grabbed my hand, This is Carlisle study, Esme and Carlisle's room, Rosalie and Emmett's room, mine and Jasper's, room and Edwards room," she said as we sped down the hallway she finally stopped in front of a door and opened it "And here is your new room!" she said the closet was indeed huge I got a window facing a forest everything else was empty.
"You can pack your stuff tonight and Emmett and Jasper will help you move them here! there's also a space for you in the garage, for your car," I looked around the walls were a pale cream and the carpet was white it was nice and cozy even without furniture.
"Come on let's go I have to show you the rest of the house and where we hunt," she pulled my arm again and we once again went down the long hallway when we were at the bottom of the stairs. Edward stood leaning against the rail,
"Do you want to go for a walk with me Miranda?" he asked politely I looked at Alice she was positively shining
"Sure, I'll see you later Alice," I said and walked out the door with Edward he started to walk toward the double swing that was tied to the branches of a tree next to a small creek.
"So how do you like my- I mean our house?" he asked
"I like it it has a certain charm," He started to rock us back in forth, very peaceful,
"Random question, if you could would you be my girlfriend?" he asked and looked into my eyes my breath caught
"I-I don't know I'd have to think about it..." I said my voice barely over a whisper he leaned toward me slowly judging my reaction until our lips touched it was like electricity his lips burned mine but the burn was pleasant, I could sit like this forever. He pulled away
"What about now?" he whispered I stood up abruptly as much as I wanted to sit back next to him
I'm not ready for a relationship yet... I'm sorry, Rosalie will tell you why and I fled for the safety of my car still feeling the warmth of his kiss on my lips. I passed Rosalie
"Tell everybody what happened in Seattle please I'm going home." I said and drove my car toward my house. When I got home I changed and laid in my bed remembering his words and his kiss and decided what I was going to do.

Edwards POV

Rosalie and Alice had gathered everyone in the dining room I read their thoughts and flinched in what I saw in them. That's why she had refused, she was confused she wanted to be with me, this was hard. Rosalie and Alice had told everybody what had happened in Seattle, and why she hadn't wanted to be in school, I read lot's of shock from all the other minds, I was sad I longed to see her, to be next to her like on the bench, and to feel her lips against mine, I wanted to be with her, would she chose the path so that I could be with her and she could be with me?

Sorry for the really long chapter lot's of suspense I know i wasn't planning to do Edward's POV but we needed to read that he cared for her and it fit in really well


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