Bite, Suck, Dance (An Edward Cullen love story)

Bite, Suck, Dance (An Edward Cullen love story)

Name: Miranda
Age: 17
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Bronze
Height: 5' 6''
Hobby: Ballerina

Chapter 3


When I woke up in the morning I put on:
As usual I had my shades This time Mr. Varner didn't make me take them off.
I sat with Alice and her family and made conversation. Mostly about dresses with Alice, cars with Rosalie, motorcycles with Emmett who I liked right away and Jasper. I also talked to Edward about some of our biology homework.
"You'd make a great couple," said Emmett as me and Edward were talking.Rosalie slapped his arm
"You do not say that to somebody who you just met a day ago you idiot,"said Rosalie as she smacked his arm everybody laughed setting many curios eyes on us the Cullen's have obviously never laughed.
"No I mean look at them meant for each other in every way, their hair is the same color!" he justified I blushed and me and Edward slid away form each other a little bit.This got everybody laughing. Especially Emmett, this time I smacked Emmett on the arm. When lunch finished I went to biology with Edward, he was quiet but I didn't mind. I was mulling over some things in my head, L felt that Edward was always in someone's business whether they liked it or not it seemed like he couldn't help it, Jasper the moods around him sometimes felt forced that was absolutely different, and finally Alice, it felt, not that I know, she kinda knows things before hand. As I thought about this I saw in my peripheral vision that Edward stiffened, weird reaction.Everyone stared as we walked into the classroom and took our seats. biology was boring I had already studied this I entertained myself by doodling on my notebook, when Mr. Banner called on me I automatically had the right answer. Then I just doodled again until class ended. We walked to Spanish with Emmett we kept on cracking jokes and played pranks on Edward during Spanish Emmett said it wouldn't work but I was determent and Emmett had easily shot him spit balls and he seemed really mad after that it was funny Emmett and I were about to explode with laughter but thankfully class ended and we started to laugh like crazy Edward was absolutely fuming. I then walked back to the car with Rosalie.
"Where did you get your car?" she asked,, her red convertible was parked next to mine, she decided to dhow it off.
"Umm... I got it as a gift," I said
"Who was it from?"
"Uhh... The prime minister of Florida," I said sheepishly
"Oh! wow!" she looked taken aback.
"I'll tell you the story sometime," I told her.

I reached my house quickly in about 30 seconds, changed into
and set off, I reached Seattle in an hour usually it was 4 hours but I sped... a lot.
I wandered around the city looking into shops. I finally found a ballet store they had a lot of stuff: pointe shoes, tap shoes, leotards, skirts, everything I had bought a wide range of things, but the first thing I bought were pointe shoes. Then everything else. When I left the store it was twilight and it was dark enough for people not to notice my strange eye color.

A group of men were walking toward dressed to casually to bet tourists I veered left to another street, an arm grabbed me from behind and caught my shirt and pulled me back. The hand grabbed my loose hair and pulled it back so that my neck was exposed the same stench that I hadn't smelled in a long time hit my nose.
It was Kyle.
my ex-boyfriend the one who I had broken up with. I felt even in the beginning that he wanted to go farther than kissing and I had broken up with him when he suggested it. But now he was back.
"Hey suga' remember me? your teddy bear?"
"You are not my teddy bear, you never have been. now get away from me!" I said and he pulled back on my hair making me scream in pain.
"Don't be that way suga' or I'll have to hurt you even more... Why don't we go and meet my new friends?"he said, he was drunk obviously so were his friends.
"Isn't she beautiful guys?"
"Hard to tell with all those clothes on," he said and their group laughed drunkenly.
"What do ya say Miranda why don't we show them what you look like huh?" he said as he ripped my shirt off."

I'm not going to write that scene because I'm only 13 years old so were just going to skip to the part like Rosalie did in Eclipse when she told Bella her story. So sorry if I used in places Stephenie Meyer's wording :P so yeah KK


They left me in the street thinking I was dead,


Then finally a red convertible came speeding down the street I had then stopped bleeding thankfully. Then came out Rosalie and hurried to my side she helped me up,
"Alice, get her stuff and get her car out of here and drive it to her house." she commanded, I was conscious so saw Alice take my stuff to my car.
"Are you OK?" Rosalie asked
"I don't know...Shaken," I told her she was silent she helped me get into
she then helped me stand up and get to her car I was grateful when she handed me a blanket I was freezing,
"Th-th-th ank y-y-y-ou,"I shivered.
"You welcome, try to sleep," she replied

"Oh my gosh, what happened to her!" I heard the frantic voice of my mother in the door way as Rosalie pulled me along on the side walk
"R^aped by the looks when we found her,"
"Me and Alice,"
"Oh, it's good that you two found her but let's get her inside and you'll tell me the story there." she said as she ushered me and Rosalie inside. My mother sat in the arm chair and Rosalie and I were on the sofa, I was snuggled against her side, under a blanket and sipping at hot tea. Rosalie's arm was around my shoulder.
"How did this happen Miranda?" my mom asked
"I was walking from the ballet store late - do I still have my stuff?" I asked Rosalie
"Yes, they're upstairs in your bedroom," she said
"Ok, I didn't realize how much time I spent in there I got caught up, And when I laughed it was sunset I was walking toward my car when somebody grabbed me from behind, It was Kyle,"
"Kyle!" my mother gasped
"Yeah, he grabbed me and took me to his drunk friends..." I buried my face into Rosalie's side and she took over.
"When we found her she was laying on the street, me and Alice took her to my car and Alice put your car in the garage, and we took her to you." she finished
"I'll call the police and tell them about Kyle, Rosalie, is it too much to ask to get her ready for bed?"
"No, of course not I know exactly how she feels." she said and took me upstairs. When she was getting my PJammas and saw my cuts and bruises she sighed and put my regular t-shirt and new sweatpants. Then she took me to my bed and tucked me in like a child.
"Rosalie, you said you know how it feels?" I asked
"Yes it happened to me too now go to sleep, your not going to school tomorrow ill be around in the morning." she whispered and left the room
"Goodnight Rosalie," I said
"Goodnight Miranda." she said and softly closed the door.

I had vivid night mare and I woke up screaming often in the morning Rosalie was there cooking breakfast of eggs and bacon,
"Good morning sunshine?"
"Good morning," I yawned and sat down to eat it was really good
"Thank you," I said
"Your welcome," she said with a beautiful smile "I have to get to school, I ll be back after school, your mother is at work at a resturant, your keys are on the table, your phone and wallet is in your room you should be fine until I get back." she said and left.
I had a full day with nothing to do so I dressed in
and put my hair in a bun with no makeup I grabbed my ballet bag and car keys and headed toward the ballet studio after leaving a note to my mother where I was.
"When I got there the instructor let me in and let me teach the little class it was fun. But when they're parents came and took them the instructor let me use the studio and practice she also let me use the small TV with past swan lakes on tape, then she left. I watched them as I warmed up and stretched, in every one there was a flaw, I decided that my version was going to be better. I was peaceful in that room, ballet studios always made me feel that way make me forget about life and just live in the moment. Later I practiced my part and soon got tired of it. I finally noticed the time, it was 2:30 and Rosalie was probably was just getting out of school, I felt the need to go back home but I didn't want to. Then came in Josh, my partner, and we started to practice the duet. He was pretty good, but one time his hand slipped too close and then it went down hill, he got a little closer to my areas then I was wanting him too
"Keep. Your. Hands. Away." I told him and smacked him he flinched
"OK, OK," he said and rubbed his cheek the rest of the duet went OK it was pretty good but it could have been better. When we finished I heard clapping I looked toward the double doors that lead to the tiny hallway. There stood Rosalie looking impressed and her bronze-haired brother, Edward, looking at me in amazement. They both were clapping I blushed.
"Come on lets go home, ballerina,"

Sry for the long chapter it got out of hand :P



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