Bite, Suck, Dance (An Edward Cullen love story)

Bite, Suck, Dance (An Edward Cullen love story)

Name: Miranda
Age: 17
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Bronze
Height: 5' 6''
Hobby: Ballerina

Chapter 2

Fit In

My alarm woke me on Monday morning which was unusual I usually woke up before my alarm. I groggily got up and got dressed in: Better make a good first impression. I thought to myself. After a quick breakfast of cereal I went to do my hair, makeup, and brush my teeth. I decided to keep the makeup light the usual, mascara, eyeliner, gloss, shadow since I would be wearing shades all day for people not to see my weird green eyes. I also decided to do my hair down, sexy, even though I wasn't aiming for a boyfriend I liked to tease people. Soon it was time to go I wanted to get to school when everyone was trying to get in the parking lot. My big entrance would be made then. I kissed my mother goodbye and in luck of that she find a job and a car for herself. I grabbed the car keys of the counter in the kitchen before stepping out the door I put on the shades I had put with my out-fit.
This was going to rock.
It was easy to find the school though I had only seen it once on a map. My stomach was trembling from excitement of what I was about to do. When I got there The high school was just a collection of brick houses I was only mildly surprised, for a town this small I was surprised there was a school at all!
I immediately noticed that my car there was the fanciest there, canary yellow, The second nicest car there was a silver Volvo. I drove up to an empty parking space and stopped my car. I put the keys in my black backpack. I opened the door for the dramatic effect and cleansed the smirk of my face. I put the left stilettoed foot out on the pavement and then the right.I grabbed my backpack and stood up the parking lot was almost quiet except for the roaring of some engines. I took a look around to find the main building. When I found it and I started to walk toward it seeing different faces. All the girls had envy written plainly across their faces. The guys unmistakable lust. But five faces were different. A girl with blond hair and exquisite beauty with golden eyes and a perfect pale face was looking toward me with curiosity. A girl with short spiky black hair and also golden eyes and a pale perfect face was looking at me with adoration. The big ripped guy had golden eyes too and didn't have a pimple anywhere on his face, was looking at the perfect golden haired girl. The tall honey blond, standing next to the little black haired girl, too with a perfect face and gold eyes with a blank expression as if he wasn't t there. There was also a guy with tousled bronze hair the same shade as mine with golden eyes and a perfect pale face was looking at me with bewilderment. I frowned this was a very puzzling mystery all the same color eyes, they all perfect pale faces what else about them did they keep hidden. I finally I reached the main building I walked right inside to the counter to a woman receptionist
"Hello dear how can I help you?"
"I'm Miranda Johnson," I informed her.
"Oh! yes, yes here's your schedule and a map of the school. Have a nice day."
"Yes, Thank you." I replied looking at my schedule.


hmm easy to remember if I got lost just ask a guy who I already have twirled around my finger. I walked outside there I was met by a cute boy with blonde hair that was gelled into spikes.
"Hey, I'm Mike, Do you need help finding your next class?"
Hey Mike, I'm Miranda and thanks but no thanks, nut I wouldn't mind some company where are you headed?"
"English, you?" He asked hopefully
"Chemistry," I said and his face fell
"But, maybe we'll have some other class together," He smiled hopefully as i walked into the room for my Chemistry lesson.

Government passed quickly, Mike had walked me to the door and then sadly walked away I still had my shades on.
It was in Trigonometry when I walked into the class with Mike who had Trig with me. I walked up the teachers Mr,Varner and told him who I was. he gave me a book and told me to sit with the guy with the same color hair as me. The lesson started quite normally. Then when Mr.Varner asked me a question. I answered right, of course, but it was then:
"Miss Johnson can you please take your glasses off,"
"Sure Mr.Varner," I slowly took my glasses off, unwilling, there were gasps around me even the teacher was quiet,
"Thank you Miss Johnson." He said I didn't reply
The guy next to me was frozen staring at my eyes but what bothered him I had no idea. Throughout the rest of class people stared at me it was so annoying it was as if they had never seen somebody with green eyes before.
Finally and Thankfully class ended and I put my shades back on.
"You should keep them off,"
"What is it to you, I barely even know you," I said to the absurdly handsome boy next to me. He seemed taken aback as if he wasn't expecting my answer.I used this to get away. Sadly, the guy and his sister were in my gym class. I liked his sister much more than I liked him, he was weird getting into everybody's business I could sense that no respect for other people's privacy no doubt.

"Hello my name is Alice," said the black haired girl she was beautiful and pale, pixie-like.
"My name is Miranda, nice too meet you,"
"Nice to meet you too, I kept on wanting to ask you, where did you get your jeans? I have been looking for that pair forever!" she asked, she was very bubbly.
"At Urban Outfitters,"
"Oh, really, I haven't looked there... I think there is one in Port Angels... Do you want to come with me in a couple of weeks?"
"Yeah sure what about in 2 weeks I'll be free then,"
"Sounds like a deal," she said
Gym passed normally and after I got changed and was stepping into the lunch line for food when Alice came over.
"Do you want to sit with us today?"
"Umm sure but I won't know anyone there except for though..."
"It's Ok you'll be fine,-" she said as she dragged me over to her table where her siblings sat,"-No one is going to bite you," she laughed at her own joke, she said it like it was an inside joke too. She quickly grabbed an open chair and put it next to the blond haired girl's and her ca=hair so that I was surrounded by girls.
"This is Edward,-" she pointed to the bronze-haired kid."-Jasper-"she pointed toward the tall honey blond guy next to her "-Rosalie-" the beautiful blonde girl "-and Emmett-" the big muscled guy next to Rosalie, "-everybody this is Miranda,"
Me and Alice then started to talk about clothes and what we wanted to get in Port Angels, she also reminded me of the dance that was being held in a few weeks.
"So who are you going with?" she asked
"I don't know yet whoever asks me," I replied
After that we talked about dresses and what we hoped to wear, I asked Rosalie if she wanted to come with us shopping she said yes like I thought she would she was slowly starting to lean into our conversation. The guys too had their own conversation.
I had biology with Edward, and Spanish with Edward and Emmett. Finally the day was over, and I hurried to the small dance studio near the school. I auditioned for the role of Odette and got it obviously I also found out that they didn't have a ballet store and that the closest one was in Seattle decided to go there to get some pointe shoes. I decided to go the next night when I finally got into bed I again thought to myself
My pretenses of fitting in were ruined by my Trig teacher but the Cullen too teacher or no teachers would ever fit in.


Yeah hoped you liked it I'm going to start on another chapter if I made any mistakes please tell me I hate it and I'm also watching new moon so I'm crying through most of it friend me and comment and tell me about my mistakes

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