Bite, Suck, Dance (An Edward Cullen love story)

Bite, Suck, Dance (An Edward Cullen love story)

Name: Miranda
Age: 17
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Bronze
Height: 5' 6''
Hobby: Ballerina

Chapter 1

Start Over

I smirked at the girls who eyed me enviously,I was beautiful even I could not deny it, I had long flowing bronze hair that was now tied up into a tight bun. Intelligent, unnatural, bright green eyes. Long legs and a beautiful figure. Ha by all rights they should be Jade in color. I thought to myself as I stretched, my body bent forward and my leg up over my head just a little over 180°. I was very flexible I was naturally ballerinish. I always got the main role in the performances either it was a charm for persuasion or just because I was the best ballerina in the company, who knew? Even my partner was staring ( as usual). Class continued as usual I was asked to demonstrate it was perfect everybody stared etc.
When I got into my car a 911 Turbo Yellow Porsche my phone buzzed. It was my mother failing at texting
codme homae wer neserd 2r traljk or if translated Come Home We Need To Talk.
KK I texted her back I was at home quickly thanks to my love of speed and the size of my speedometer. A 30 minute trip using the actual speed limit turned into a 10 minute one with my maniac driving.
"I'm home," I yelled to my mother, she was in the kitchen drinking a cup of tea.
"Miranda you better sit down,-" I sat down "-We're moving to Forks, Washington." She said reluctantly. I was frozen
"You're joking, right, Mother. Please tell me your joking." I looked at her like she was crazy.
"No I'm not joking we are moving to Forks in 3 days." she said. I was suddenly furious.
"Mother! were performing Swan Lake in a month! Do you expect me to just drop everything, My friends, my home,my career in dance, to go to some tiny town in the middle of nowhere, named after a piece of silver-wear with an added s?!" I started to yell at her. But I could see she was flinching.
"What made you decide this?" I said A little quieter
"Your father was found at another woman's house she claims to be his wife. That's where he went for his "business trips" she sneered. "So I can't stay here anymore." She whispered.
"Dad? No way. But, OK we'll move to Forks If it makes you feel better." I said "Come on let's go to bed early we have a tough few days to live through.

The girls at my ballet company were glad I was moving but the instructor was very sad to see me go. Thankfully the last day of school for me in Florida was a Friday so I only had to say bye to my friends once. On the plane ride to Seattle, I slept a little but duiring the flight from Seattle to Port Angeles I looked up any possible dance studios near Forks. There was a small dance studio in the town just off the highway So was the school. There seemed to be auditions to Swan Lake. Well, I thought since I knew the dance why not audition? When we got off the plane I found my Yellow Porsche quickly the key in the mirror with my CD's as promised. And the furniture was supposed to be at the house we bought. We took our suitcases and stored them into the trunk. I was calmed by the purr of the engine of my car as we drove from Port Angeles. Everything was green and wet. It was beautiful. Surprisingly I loved it. When we arrived to our new home the movers truck was just pulling away. After I had parked in the garage, Mother had me help her move the couches in the right position, The movers had taken out all the big furniture leaving us to just arrange it. and to put the smaller stuff away where they belonged. The time it took to move the couches and tables and chairs to their new places was surprisingly quick.So we then decided to choose our rooms. Mother got the master bedroom, and I got a slightly smaller room: The walls were a soft green. My bed stood in a corner like the walls and carpet the bed sheets were also green but the pillars were dark wood, It sometimes felt like I was sleeping in a cube.There was also a large piece of green fabric that created a curtain if I wanted one. The window was large, there was also one of those bench things that you could sit on right next to the window. The bench was covered in green fuzzy blankets and pillows, it was also a dresser where I put my under-garments and jeans. Thankfully my closet was big enough to hold all of my clothes and some more space if I bought anything here. There was my bookshelf already stacked with books and my green beanbag chair next to it. There was enough space for me to install my bar, mirrors, and special floor where I could practice. There was also enough room to put my desk and laptop. When I finished with that I started decorating using pictures, my jewelry box and stickers. Finally, my room was like I wanted it to be. I went to check out the one bathroom on the second floor fortunately, Mother had put all of our nessesities away.
"I'm going shopping!" I yelled to Mother.
"OK!" she yelled back
I grabbed my keys and rain jacket and sped out the door.

~Magically skip the whole boring Thrift Way scene because I'm to lazy too write it.~

When Mother and I finished dinner of Mac and Cheese, we had decided to got to bed. I got to the shower first and quickly washed my bronze hair and washed my makeup off and dressed into my PJammas:
and climbed into my cold bed and fell asleep to the quiet pitter-patter of the starting rain. But before I could fully sink into oblivion one thought entered my mind: I was starting over.

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