Loving the Wrong Kind

Loving the Wrong Kind

See being someone like me gets you in so much trouble. Like suspended from school for beating the most popular girl in school to a pulp, because she called you an emo bish. Or getting caught cutting you arm making it seem like you have a problem, but in actuality you were thirsty.Funnily i didn't do all those stupid things. i keep quiet and do my work when i need to. and if you didn't figure it out yet, then too bad because i'm not telling you.Ha! you actually thought for a second i would tell?

Chapter 1

New Sights

by: Dominashi
Being the emo girl in school is just like having a sign that says: BEAT THE H3CK OUT OF ME,written across your forehead.No one seems to like you but your two friends Violet and Vincent. (Yes they're twins.) And since you all have the same outcast scent you draw towards each other like flies to light. Well let's not bore you to death here's a little taste of Dellis High before the end of the world.
WELCOME TO DELLIS HIGH!! The speaker says as me and my friends settle in the back rows as usual. it's the same routine each day. Hide, Whisper, and Hide again. But i could tell today would be different. My sixth sense was burning like crazy. my gaze was attached to the new boy that walked into the room as soon as the late bell rang. "Everyone this is Lucian. Please sit between Violet and Amethyst." He wore all black and strutted towards us with this look of regret.
i couldn't keep my eyes off of him until i felt this pinch on my arm. i spun towards the pincher and saw her grinning at me with this gleam in her eye. "Ooh Amethyst has a new crush." my face was flushed with a pinch of rosy red cheeks. "Noo i said. denying the fact that i might be falling for a stranger, "He's not my type.and plus i feel something not's right with him." "you say that about everyone Ame." Vincent says squinting to get a better look at the new boy. He likes anyone that shares the same profession of dark clothing and long hair
Lucian sits next to me and stares straight ahead.I stare at him knowing that he won't look at me even if i wore a hat that said I'M SEXY AND I KNOW IT!!. then my pocket started ringing. i looked at my text that Violet sent me: saii hi 4 i punche u. she waved her fist in the air and i tapped the boy's shoulder.
He looked at me and stared straight through me. "uh hi i'm Amethyst." His expression loosened. "Oh cool. Can you help get around the school. i'm kinda new to this." i felt myself blushing to the max. "Sure." that's when he smiled. i saw two fang like teeth in his mouth. "Hehehe." i turned towards my friends and slid down in my seat. "I'm so scared." i whispered as i slid down into my own dark space.

Thank God the bell rang just in time. I practically ran out of the classroom leaving everyone that was there a faint memory of my presence. When i got to my locker i rushed the combination in when Vil and Vin came with Lucian. They looked like they were talking about me because when they were in earshot i heard them saying that i would be more than happy to see him after school. The blood in my black veins ran faster than a cheetah.
When he came over he had this grin that would melt a stick of butter. "Hey Amethyst. Your friends wanted me to join them after-school to go to the movies, do you mind?" He smiled once again and I knew my mind wasn't playing tricks on me. He had fangs as sharp as a tsurugi sword. I licked my teeth and realized he may be one of me. "Sure. I wouldn't mind at all." I forced a smile on my face and let my fangs show. But only for his eyes only. "Okay what movie are we gonna see." He said slightly amused with my inside joke. "The Avengers." Vincent said flatly.
Once again my senses went haywire as he stepped closer to me. He was only inches away. "Sounds like a plan. Now how about that tour?" "We have English next." "Not if I can help it." I gave him a puzzling look. "What do you mean. If you can help it?" "I have a pass for us to just enjoy the tour you owe me." I had no way to escape."Fine. Well you guys I'll see you later."I closed my locker and left him with the twins.
But funnily he caught up in a matter of seconds.
"So where we off to first?"
"The place where you tell me how you got fangs."
He laughed a thunderous laugh and stopped me in the middle of the hallway.
"You really want to know?" He leaned in so close i could smell his cologne.
"Yes." I whispered leaning in to his lips.
"WAL-MART." He pulled back and grinned. I laughed at his stupid joke in embarrassment.
"Yea okay Mr.WAL-MART."
I led him upstairs to the library where no studies.
"First stop :Library. The best place for love making and ignorance. But i still check out books from here."
"I wonder why we're here." He said so sinister like.
I blushed and went the other way. {I guess he caught on to something way different.} I said to myself.
"Not really." He said appearing next to me.
"HA! I knew you were like me. I said it in my mind and you heard me."
"Or you said it so almost anyone can hear." My facial expression resembled an emotion we all know so well: embarrassment.
"Oh okay." I quickly walked in sync with him with my head down.
"So where to next baby?"
"Baby? Oh what game are we playing now?"
"The one where i say you were right, but i'm not a vampire."
i stopped and looked him in the eyes.
"Then what are you?"

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