ME in the Hunger Games (A fanfic)

Name:Jana Mourice Humbert
Job: Tribute
Name: Usia Lilly Macintire
Age: 47, but looks 23
Job: Person who draws names at the reapings

Other stuff you'll have to read to find out.
and sorry about the first chapter not being verry good, ill fix it later. the people in this supposed to be quiet library are so LOUD!!!!!!!!! Gaaaahhh...and its even more distracting because of my ADHD. Ugghhh I feel like SLAMMING SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

Reaping Day

"Get up." A deep, manly voice said angrily. I groaned. "Five more minutes, mom, school...doesn't start till," I mumbled wearily. "GET UP!" Said the man again, a few seconds later. It was obviously not my mom! I barely opened my eyes, but it was enough to see an angry peacekeeper standing by my bed. "Hey, Mr.Peacekeeper dude. What are you doing he-OH NO I'M MISSING THE REAPING, AREN'T I?!?!?!?" The peacekeeper nodded. I ran out of bed, shouting "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" as I ran out the door.
I wonder how he knew I was still there? Oh well, I'm glad he did. When I finaly got to the Town Square, I ran into the senter of the croud. Most of the people backed up, as if they were trying to give me space.
Looks like I got here just in time, it looks they were just about to enter the Justice Building.
"WAIT!!!" I shouted, trying to catch my breath. "I volunt-/heer/" My voice cracked because I was breathing so hard.
The girl on the podium looked so releived. She began to walk off stage.
I finally cought my breath and finnished, "As janitor."
Everyone around me looked confused, some whispering to eachother. The girl on the stage looked scared and betrayed. I couldn't understand why, don't people in my district usual want to join the games?
"JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shouted. The girl froze, and I heard a someone laughing nearby. But it sounded far-off, like the wind, though it was a quiet wind, was silencing the square.
"I, Jana Humbert, tribute."

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