Nightmares ( a Loki love story)

Loki has found a something that he deeply wants. He begins to plague it with dreams that pretty soon they turn into nightmares for him. He will do anything for it to be his and in his icy cold grasp.

Do not read if under 13.

Chapter 3

Reality and Illusion

I sat in my bed staring at the closet door. I remembered my dream and I was playing it over and over again in my head. It was like a scene out of movie. I began to sweat with frustration and confusion.

" I can't believe what just happened. Everything was so real and... I know I'll write this in my journal. I'll write down every detail and clarify with a dream dictionary."

I reached for the nearest pen and scribbled down my epic dream. I tried to be descriptive as possible and not leaving anything out. As I jotted down my last sentences I went over to my computer and turned it on. I sat in my swivel chair reading over my notes and tried to point out anything that had any symbolism.

"let's see..... Masks,a white gown, music, a birthday cake, and that man. What was his name...... Crap it's on the tip of my tongue." I tried to play over the dream once more in my head. I remember his features..... He said his name was low key god of mischief and lies. Hmmm what a funny name."

I wrote down the name on my notebook and began to search the Internet for clues. I looked at the clock on my computer "what it's only 9:30. I just when to bed 30 minutes ago. How can someone have a full dream in less then 30 minutes." I was now more interested in my research than ever.

~ Later that Night~

I stayed up looking at info till 12 at midnight. I was focused on my research and I wanted to know why did I have that dream. That man that I saw in my dreams was an actual fable god from norse mythology. But the pictures that people have either drawn or simple made up his looks. He looked nothing like the pictures. Most of the pictures had him wearing a red hat, pointy shoes, and an evil grin. The one that I had saw in my dreams was handsome and beautiful. After gathering my last notes and comments I decided to take a break and let my mind absorbs this new info. I turned off the screen on my computer still keeping the computer on. I glanced at the closet door then I looked back at my desk and saw my digital camera.

" I know what from know on I'll film the closet door. That way I know if something weird is going if I'm asleep or out of the room." my idea sparked my inspiration and I began the set up for the camera.

I set my tri-pod and camera almost right in front of the closet door. The only thing I did was put clothes over it to make it blend into a pile of clothes in my room. I took another glance at the clock

" 12:30..... Wait where are my parents at???" my mind went into to panick mode. I ran out of the room and went downstairs. It was dark and I could hear not the slightest movement in the room. I checked the front window and to see if my parents car was parked into the driveway. Nothing. Just an empty pavement with old oil stains. I went into the kitchen and switched the lights. I didn't see any trace of them. No note, no keys, and no messages on the phone.

"where did they go???" I then raced back up the stairs and went into my parents room. I opened the door and discovered nothing. Again a cold quiet room with no trace of existence of them. It's like they disappeared into thin air. I went back to my room and found the camera had feel on its side but the closet door was fully open again. I uncovered the camera and decided to look back on any footage that was recorded while I was gone. Then that's where my heart sank into my stomach and could no longer tell if I was living in a reality or a dream.

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