Nightmares ( a Loki love story)

Loki has found a something that he deeply wants. He begins to plague it with dreams that pretty soon they turn into nightmares for him. He will do anything for it to be his and in his icy cold grasp.

Do not read if under 13.

Chapter 2

The Night of my Desires.

That night after my parents left to the party I spent the rest of the night to myself. I watched hundreds of the most worst comedic romantics ever. After my marathon of that I decided to go straight to bed and get some sleep in. I had very bad day with all the gifts and mind tricks I was ready for my sleep to take over me. I got showered and dressed for the night. And as I walked into the room I noticed that the closet door was half way open. I tried to trace back my steps to see if I opened the closet in any point of my day.

" if I didn't open the door...who did??" I began to search through the closet and found nothing. Nothing In there could possible move the door by itself.

" my mind is playing tricks on me again..... I give up I'm going to bed." I closed the door and slowly backed away from it. I turned to face the bed and I covered myself with the sheets. I looked at the closet door once more and soone my eyes drifted to sleep. That's where the dreams began.

~Dream sequence~
It started off with me of course. I was In a ballroom filled with people. All off them were dressed in very old fashion clothes. Like the ones you see in the books about Marie Antoinette or during the Victorian times. Every person in the room had a mask on. Some with big noses and glitter covered all over the delicate masks. I was frightened and felt curious..... I heard people laughing and whispering beneath the masks. I searched through the room and found a door on the other side of the room. I thought maybe it was a out of this place... But for some reason part of me wanted to stay here. I felt I was attracted to something there and I was slowly being pulled into the crowd. I walked through the waves of girls giggling in their gowns and men poking at them for attention. I came to a hault when I confronted a big mirror in front of me. I came closer to the mirror and saw what I was wearing. It was an enourmous gown and it was white with silver and diamond studs all on the front and trailed down to the hem of the dress. the sleeves were covered in diamonds that shone as bright as the stars. I gazed at myself in wonderment and I felt like a queen. I felt that I could take on the world and have every man eating out of the palm of my hands. I felt powerful and felt like a real women. I kept staring at reflection and continued to praise my looks just then the crowd of people began to close in on me and I was taken into the waltz of strangers where I fell into the hands of man. The man grabbed my hand and snaked his other hand around my waste.

"Let's dance my dear." he spoke softly into my ear.

His voice sent shivers down my spine and the man who held me was absotlutey gorgeous. He was a beautiful and he was perfect.... He was the man of my dreams. His skin was as pale as the stars, his eyes were deep emerald with the tinest blue specks in them, and his hair was as black as the night. He had a very slender built body and in every way he so perfect... it's like he was made by the gods of beauty. He held me very tightly to him not wanting losing his contact with me. I looked into his eyes and felt like I was going to melt right there in his arms.

" you look so beautiful tonight my dear.... The dress fits perfectly in every way I imagined. He purred into my ear.

I was shocked by his words " ummm who are you anyway."

He smiled showing his pearl white teeth " I am Loki the god of mischief and lies." he laughed a little and put his head down onto my neck and brushing his lips slightly to my ear. I felt he was to close to me and so I pushed him back off me a little.

He faced me again and grabbed my neck into his cold hands " now my darling elizabeth do not test me or push me away." he stroked my gently and began to laugh under his breathe.

At that point I was feeling out of place and wanted to leave. But he grabbed me again and pulled me into the sea of dancers. I wanted to go home and forget about this but again that feeling of wanting stay invaded my thoughts. He clasped to me tighter and our foreheads touched each other. The music gently rocked us and took us all over the room. I loved the way he held me and how once in a while he would hum the music In my ears. As the music slowed down he turned my body to a table with a huge birthday cake with 16 candles all lite with different colored flames. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and he brought his lips to my ear.

" Elizabeth make a wish my dear." he whispered I my ear and lessened his grip on me.

I didn't know what to possibly wish for but then I remembered my wish that I had in my room. I thought it over for quick second and decided to make that wish.

" I wish that I was taken away from my cursed home and never to return." I blew out all the candles and turned to Loki who had a mischievous grin in his face.

" then your wish has been granted." then the ground started to shake and the room began to tear apart. Loki disappeared but I could hear the echoes of his laughter. Then I fell into a pit of darkness and woke up in my room with closet door now fully open again.

Music in the ballroom :

Pic of the dress:
(it's the third pic down)

Pic of the ballroom:

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