Nightmares ( a Loki love story)

Loki has found a something that he deeply wants. He begins to plague it with dreams that pretty soon they turn into nightmares for him. He will do anything for it to be his and in his icy cold grasp.

Do not read if under 13.

Chapter 17

Who.....What...When....Where..... And Why????


"Elizabeth..... Can you hear me" a voice called out to me. I couldn't see anything but darkness. 

"Elizabeth if you can hear me I want you to move your finger." the voice commanded.

I panicked at all the darkness around me... I moved all my fingers like the voice told me to. I felt like every joint in my body was stiff and I was unable to move at all.

"oh my.... Someone get doctor snow.....quick before they pull the plug on the patient." the voice died down.... Where was I??? Where am I???? I slowly pushed open my eye lids. My eyes were tightly closed like a newborn rose bud and I couldn't open them. I freaked out..... What the hell Is going on. Just then I heard the screeches of shoes running beside me. 

" doctor snow I asked the patient to move her fingers..... And remarkable enough she moved them. This patient has been in an coma for a week.... We were about to pull the plug but her parents requested another try to revive her." the voice was filled with astonishment. I felt something cold on my chest and and then a big flash of light flooded my eyes. I moved my eyes trying to see what was the source

" she is alive.... Nurse Williams please send in more back up.... Were going to get this girl out of this machines....and notify her parents she has awakened." I heard the thousand screeches of shoes running out the door. I figured out where I was.... I was in a hospital and was in a coma for sometime. How did I get here???? What happened to me..... 

" Elizabeth I am doctor snow..... You have been in acoma for about a week. You collapsed in your home one night..... mysteriously you had no brian damage or any sign of internal bruising to your head. You just went into an acoma. I have been recording your progress everyday.... And I thought you wouldn't make it." the docotor explained everything very clear as crystal. All my questions were put to rest..... And now I am grateful that I am alive. 

" Elizabeth I need you to open your eyes and begin to move parts of your body." I listened carefully to the doctor and did what she told me to do. I opened my eyes very carefully and I saw a small hole of light. I opened them further and light flooded into my eyes. I adjusted quickly and saw the hospital lights above me..... The doctor looked over to me and smiled

" good.... Now let's get moving." I blinked at her without saying anything.

1 month later

After a few weeks from being released from the hospital I came back home with my family. I was glad to be held in the arms of my mother... Giving me kisses and hugs all over me. My dad was as happy as ever and he stopped reading the newspaper so often. This experience scared the hell out of me.... Even though I only remember being in the dark. I always asked my mom what really happened that night of the accident. She told me that when they came back home from a party she found me on the floor in an awkward position. She tried to wake me but I was silent and my heart was still pulsing. They called an ambulance and from there I was given a week to live..... And remarkable I did. After I had awoken I had to rehabilitate my body to move and function like normal. I didn't have so much trouble towards mid training but in the beginning I taught myself how to do wheelies and cool tricks on a wheelchair. The doctors never figured out why I had fallen into acoma in just in a blink of an eye. This situation has never been reported in the medical books ever. I did feel kinda special... Being I got to live and survive through it all. Now I am home and will stay here as long as I can. My parents and I have connected much more and we are more like a family. I love my home and I am grateful I get to live in it. Every morning I wake up and be grateful to everything that's around me. And every night i look up at the sky being thankfully to my lucky stars. I only had one life and it almost slipped out of my hands.... Now I am given a second chance to live in it again. And That my friends is a true miracle beyond the human minds.

Loki P.O.V
After the fall I landed on a planet far from the nine realms. It was a deserted planet filled with creatures called the "chitauri". They helped me regain my strength and taught me things that I would never learn in my life. They taught me pure raw knowledge and the power of one of odin's creations the "tesseract". With it contains powerful knowledge to conquer everything and destroy anything within its path. they taught me everything I needed to know.... But there is still more to learn. When I am ready they will give me the power and with it I promised to take over Midgard and the nine realms to lead there army. And there is one thing that I promised to take as well.......Elizabeth. My little queen has forgotten all about me and the fun we had. She is on Midgard healthy and lucky to be alive. Every night I watch her.... My has she grown so fast. I wish I could touch her again and feel her soft skin against mine once more. Oh how I longed to touch her and feel move beneath me. I wanted her to scream my name and tell me she loves so. She will be mine and mine alone. I have a way of keeping her by my side forever. But no matter that now..... Elizabeth will be by my side and she will love me. I have plans for her in the near future. But for now I will watch over her and haunt her dreams slowly. Hopefully she will continue to grow up into a women and learn the laws of love and passion. When I am ready to rule I will come for her but for now I'll watch her closely.... And when the tide is right and when day shall be mine I'll grab her when she isn't looking and take her in my arms like before. But for now I watch.... For now I wait.

* authors note:

Well that's it for this story but don't worry Loki isn't done yet. A sequel is being written in the process as we speak. And In the sequel she will go back to Asgard but not for Loki.... Or Thor, frigga, odin, and heimdall. She will go back for one person she deeply loves to death. 

Other stories are also being written besides the sequel to this. I have many ideas for Loki stories and for now I will post one at a time. I want to make the next sequel for nightmares as interactive as possible for my readers. When I mean interactive it means you the readers will be involved in the story by solving puzzles.... Or maybe solving some clues. I don't know I only have a few chapters written as of now. So if you have any questions you may message me here or leave a comment. 

Well thanks for reading :) see you soon 

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