Nightmares ( a Loki love story)

Loki has found a something that he deeply wants. He begins to plague it with dreams that pretty soon they turn into nightmares for him. He will do anything for it to be his and in his icy cold grasp.

Do not read if under 13.

Chapter 1

It begins

Sometimes we listen to our unconscious states of mind where anything is possible "dreams". The ones that frighten you in cold sweat or simply let you reach and touch the surface of our desires beneath our cruial reality.

I was plagued by dreams of desires and pretty soon to be nightmares. It all started soo well before he found me. From that day on it was an on going treadmill of events. He never left me alone...... He never let me be a human any more. There so much that I must write and I'll start where every story starts the beginning.

It all started when I turned 16. The day was new and I was eager to get out of school and go home for the evening. I was on the brink of becoming a full woman and pretty soon embracing my woman hood into the journey of my life. I was excited for a new start ;a new age. But ever thing spiraled down into a storm of dreams and nightmares. That evening as I got home I began to feel different very different. I felt as if I was being watched by something or someone. The feeling was creeping up on my mind and sent a wave of gossebumps on my arms and neck. As i walked home I kept staring back to see if I was being followed or maybe stalked. But being me I shook off the feeling and kept my cool about it.

" I know what it is.... It's my adult instincts... ." I thought to myself very quietly.

I kept thinking of every excuse that would help me ease the thought of being watched like a lion watches it's prey. But it all came down to me and my helpless mind playing games.

I finally reached my home and was glad that the walk from school was over. All I wanted to do was open my presents and go to sleep. I was so selfish back then.
I opened the door and found my parents in the living room being as usual.

" hello my little Elizabeth ... How was your day at school??" my mother approached me and took my bag from me.

" it was fine... Nothing new. So do you know what today is??" I bit my lower lip waiting for those magically words.

" of course dear it's your 16th birthday... How could we ever forget. You have marked all our calendars in this house and gave us hints on your birthday gift.." my father put down his paper and walked into the kitchen. My mother cam out with a big pink box tied with gold and bright pink ribbon.

"Open my gift dear. It's something special you can wear everyday." my mother waited in anticipation. I teared every bit of wrapper on the box and scratched through heavily sealed tape. I got the box open and It revealed a balck dress that looks like it came from a funeral morgue.

I hugged my mother tightly trying to show my appreciation. " thanks mom I love it...I'll wear it as soon as possible."

My mom left the room and then my dad came in and gave me a notebook.
" here you go sugar.... Have fun." I looked at the plain notebook... The pages were blank.

" dad these pages are blank.... I think the book store ripped you off." I questionly stated at him.

" oh we'll those pages were suppose to be written by the most famous author in the whole" he patted my head and went back into the living room and continued reading his evening paper.

" but what am I supposed to write about????." I flipped throught the pages once more looking at the creamy colored paper and lightly colored blue lines intently.

"well get creative you can us it at as a journal or better even yet why dont you use it as a dream journal maybe you can begin to start clarifying your dreams. Your dreams can tell you everything you know." my dad kept reading and then I gave up so I went to my room.

I closed the door and slammed everything on the floor " my god are these people even my parents.... A book for a present... And this dress isn't even my color." I feel onto the bed and sighed heavily into the sheets. I turned on my back and looked up at my wall. It was covered in pictures of stars you know the ones you see in the night sky. I closed my eyes and thought really hard and decided to make my own birthday wish.

" I wish that I was taken away from here away from this cursed place in which I call home."

again may I remind I was a teenager and like I said before I was selfish. Just then I heard the door in my room creak.

" you know elizabeth why don't you be a little grateful and be thankful for what we have given you. That dress was a lot money and your father was lucky enough to get you something."

I sat up quickly by her words. " what are you doing...... Why must you always be in personal space. You know there is this thing called "privacy" and it's something every person needs!!!"

"well fine you can all the privacy you want tonight cause me and you father will be out for the night. Me and your father are going to a small dinner party with some of his coworkers. So expect us to be back around late tonight."

I rolled my eyes and sighed once more " ok then just leave your poor daughter here alone in the house....... With nothing to eat....." I looked at mom for a sappy response.

" we'll I can call grandma to watch you and there is pizza and chicken I the fridge you can heat up." my mother walked out of the room with nothing else to say to me.

" so well I guess it's you and me tonight little book and ugly dress." I took a glance at the "gifts".

"well at least I'll get some privacy tonight maybe I can wat......." i stood frozen for a minute.. I heard something from the closet. It sounded like a knock. I crept over to my mirror glass clost doer and listen again. I pressed my ear against the door.... Nothing.

" oh my imagination again......" I thought but later on I found that I was wrong... I wasn't alone anymore.

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