Chapter 2

Little Kid Relationships

Why on earth do little kids think having a boyfriend or girlfriend in 3rd grade is cool? I don't get it! I mean when I was in 3rd grade, sure i liked a boy, but i never had a boyfriend nor did i tell him i loved him!

Doing this at this age is just setting them up for a very sad future...who knows when they are older. They might be attached to a pole or sumthing! Selling themselves out, or just dropping boyfriends weekly.

I mean i saw a picture today of little what looked like 8 year olds. And guess what they were doing....grinding! yes they were GRINDING!!! OMFG! are serious!

I am sure they don't even understand what is going on.
And now little 8 yr olds are getting pregnant and that is just disgusting!
What happened to the generations....go back to watching Dora!

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