I don't believe in love Taylor Lautner Love Story

The girls name is Jaspreet. Her bday is June 4th and she's 16 years old and it's supposed to be July.

Chapter 1


Hi, I'm Jaspreet. You might think I'm indian. But no,  You see. My mom loved the name so much, she absolutely LOVED other cultures. She loves Spanish, German, Dutch, basically Everything. I love my culture though, I'm French. My dad is italian. my mom is French, obviously. She lived in France for 11 years. So French is her first language. She then moved to England. Where she learned how
to speak kind of like Americans. Then she moved to America. For 1 year and then she went to College.  Where she met my dad. Basically both of my families have traveled to other countries and lived where their cultures are. My dad lived in Italy for 9 years. He moved to 3 different places before he went to college, where my mom was. He lived in Japan. Spain, And Germany. I also forgot, He lived in

London. Well. Now we live in Morrisville, MA. Where English is my 3rd language. And for a year I had problems speaking like other American children, Because I used to speak Italian and French before even knowing a single word of English. My family never used to speak English around me. Not even my big brother knew 5 different English words before turning 5. Now I have a best friend named
Ashlynn Samson. We've been friends since 4th grade. I've taught her about 20 words of Italian and French. I'm 16 years old. My full name is Jaspreet Alia Famol. I was born June 4th 1996.  So far I'm loving my life. I have 1 little sister named Janice Diane Famol. Shes 12 years old. And my mom is  having 2 other babies. She's going to name them Jasmine and Justin. And my older brothers name is
Jake. I know, She's 41 years old and having more kids. According too my grandmother she's going to have 2 more. And my grandmother is a psychic. Yea, she predicted that I'd be born, when I'd be born. And my 2 other siblings too. Oh, and I'm a brunette. I have pale grey eyes. And I'm fair skinned. And i'm a perfect 5'4.I have curly hair also:) And we we're all born in Boston, Massachusetts. Yeah I know, this Page is very long. Oh well, Lol. Onto my life now:) 

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