Stole My Heart (Zayn Malik Love? Story)

Stole My Heart (Zayn Malik Love? Story)

You meet Zayn at one of Londons greatest sights, you might think that you would fall in love instantly. A connection right away at such a romantic place. But, you despise him. Will he perplex you into loving him with his charm? Or will you be rivals?

Chapter 1

First Sight See

You unpacked the last box left from the moving truck, you were officially done moving in. You moved just outside of London in an apartment with your two best friends, Romi Freeman and Jessica Cruz. Romi was around 5' 5" tall, had medium length mouse brown hair, hazel eyes, and tan skin. Romi was a dance instructor at D.A.L. (Dance Academy of London). Jessica was 5' 4" tall, had dirty blonde shoulder length wavy hair, light green eyes, and a pale, rosy cheeked complexion. She was a private tutor at the middle school. You, Alison Smith were 5' 5" tall, had beach blonde long, straight hair, crystal blue eyes, and fair skin. You were a part-time voice coach at SBI (Song Bird International).
You sat down on the couch in your living room, and sighed. Just as you started settling Romi ran up to you,
"Ali! It's our first day actually NOT packing in London! We gotta do something!"
You rolled your eyes, you couldnt believe how much energy she had, "Romi it's a Thursday night what are we gonna do?"
She fired back, "Exactly! Thats how I scored us some tickets for the London Eye." She smiled a toothy smile, clasping her hands. You finally gave in, "Okay fine. Go tell Jess. What time are we going?"
Romi smiled a huge smile , "Oh thank you thank you! I got tickets for 7:30. Its 6:15 so start getting ready!"
You picked out dark blue skinny jeans, a white scoop neck shirt, and your favorite red & white letterman jacket, with an 'A' sewed onto it. You laced up your red converse and went to the bathroom to put on some makeup, and brushed your long, blonde shiny hair. Romi came out wearing her favorite hollister jeggings, white tank top, and a navy blue cardigan. Jessica wore a royal blue crop that had, "LOVE." in cursive, white letters printed on it, and white jean shorts. It was now 7:00, but it took 20 minutes to get there and you wanted to get a head start in the line just in case there was a crowd. You called a taxi and it came within a few minutes, and you drove away to the London Eye.
You finally got there, and you paid the cab driver. It was beautiful and lit up at this time of night, a great sight. You stuffed your hands in your pockets and walked up to the line. There were maybe 30 people in line, definitely small in comparison to what it would be during the weekend. In front of you there were five boys that you could hear Romi and Jessica whispering and giggling about. You rolled you eyes, they had always been boy crazy. Two of them had girls with them, three without. Romi was raving over a "curly haired god" and Jess was drooling over a "hot blondie with a cute body" You shook you head and moved up in line. Romi nudged your arm,
"Hey Al, what about that tan hottie with the sexy hair?"
Apparently the "tan hottie" heard her and turned around and winked at you, you scoffed, "Romi! Don't get me into your boy hunting."
Romi frowned, "Your a party pooper."
After about 15 minutes you got to the front of the line and they loaded you into carriages, surprisingly separate ones. You tried to turn and tell the workers to put you in the same ones as Jess or Romi, but the conductor said they were given "orders".
You raised an eyebrow and walked into the carriage they brought you to. You sat down and looked up and saw the guy Romi wanted you to hook up with. You rolled your eyes. Great. You had to sit with a guy with an ego bigger than Nicki Minaj's butt. Well it'd be over soon.
He stretched his hand out to you, "Hey, I'm tan hottie."
You sighed exasperated, but took his hand and shook it, "Alison."
You were going to let go but he tightened his grasp and pulled you over to his side of the carriage, so that you sat right next to him. You huffed, blowing hair out of your face.
You asked, "Whats your real name?"
He winked, "Zayn Malik."
You nodded, and then the ferris wheel started turning slowly.
He looked at you, "I'm surprised you and your friends didn't know us."
You twisted up your face, "What do you mean?"
He chuckled, "Ya know, One Direction? Hottest band in the U.K. ever?"
You narrowed your eyes, "That'd be The Beatles. And no, I don't pay attention much to trends, been traveling alot, just got finished moving here.'
He stuck out his lower lip and nodded his head, "Okay then. So its a beautiful night out huh?" He flashed you a smile ad put his hand on your thigh.
You brushed his hand off and let out a long breath.
Zayn grimaced, "Why do you hate me?"
You looked at him, "Not every girl is going to faint and fall in love with you Zayn Malik."
He smirked, "Is that a challenge?"
Your jaw dropped, "Definitely not!"
He smiled wider, "I think it is! Too late its already my challenge. Not that its gonna be that hard."
You scoffed, "Yeah right pretty boy."
He turned to you, " What's your number?"
You chuckled, "I'm not giving it to you!"
He pulled it out of your pocket and dialed a number, and his phone rang.
He laughed, "Well I have it now." Then he kissed your cheek. You rubbed the spot where he kissed violently.
You looked at him angrily, "That doesn't mean I'm going to answer your calls or texts."
He said matter-of-factly, "I'm pretty sure my boys Harry and Niall, or curley haired god and hot blondie with a cute body are getting your roommates numbers.
You twisted up your face, "Fine. But your just gonna waist your time trying with me."
He chuckled, "You'd be surprised how quickly I can work."
Then, after the ferris wheels second rotation, it stopped. You practically ran out of that carriage when they opened the door.
The whole taxi ride home, Jess and Romi were giggling and bubbly talking about their nights. Life in London will be interesting.

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