Lost Desires

It has been 6 months since Minx gave up her life to protect those she loves. Aleks is heart broken, they move to a school where they can be more prepared for anything. But what they don't know, is the person they all miss is close to them and why have shadow's started to appear and attack?

Chapter 1


As the last of the summer breeze, passed through my hair, my thoughts turned towards the saddest day. The night, I found her body lying on the ground. She still looked so beautiful and yet I knew she would never come back. A couple of weeks later, we had the funeral. We didn’t burrier her, but instead her body got seal inside a crystal. My heart was broken that night, I know my heart will never heal and I will always have that one spot only for Minx and no one else.

“Hey Aleks, where have you been? We have been looking for you since the funeral.”

“Been thinking that’s all. It’s still so fresh to me.”

Leo was standing next to me, trying to be supportive, but I knew it was hard for him. We all have been affected by Minx’s sudden death, none of us have recovered. Especially me, I have been blaming myself for her death and that I couldn’t protect her.

“Hey do you know how well Flamius and Delkus are going??”

“No I haven’t heard from them since the funeral.”

“Well maybe we could go and visit them right now.”

I sighed heavily, knowing Leo wasn’t going to give up unless I went with him. We walked through the streets of Forks. People, who saw us, gave their respects for Minx’s lost. Every girl at our school, except Brie, tried comforting me, but I knew they only wanted my attention and for me to love them. What they didn’t understand was that only Minx was my love, no one else will ever be my lover.

“There haven’t been any reports of lost souls since Minx…”

Leo didn’t finish his sentence, but I knew what he was going to say. I knew Minx had killed herself for all of us and the lost souls, but I still wish there was another way she could have done her duty.

“Well then it must mean the lost souls kept their promise, as she kept hers.”

On the way to Delkus and Flamius house, I stopped in front of the graveyard for moment, looking at the grave stones and remembering that day when I had first spoken to her and from that moment on, how our fates were tangled. Leo stopped beside me, looking in the same direction as me, trying to see what I was looking at.

“You know this was the first spot I had actually seen Minx. It’s hard to think that the forest and this graveyard now hold every memory I have of her.”

Leo bowed his head down in sadness, knowing no one else will ever remember what she had done for this world and for the ones she held close to her. We stopped at a small wooden house, it was a bit of a walk from the town, but it was perfect for Delkus and Flamius. I stood there for a moment, looking at the detail of the house, trying to occupy my mind, but it always came back to the same thing. We walked up to the front porch, Leo rang the bell; Flamius came rushing to the door. She hugged me and Leo, ever since Minx’s death, Delkus and Flamius have become more apart of Minx’s family then enemies. We went inside the cottage; Flamius led us into a cosy looking living room. Delkus sat there smiling, when he saw us. He came over and hugged me, since Minx’s death, Delkus and I have became closer. Flamius came in with some drinks and freshly baked cookies. Leo sat down and started eating some cookies. Delkus sat down next to Flamius, I sat down near Leo, and I took some cookies and ate them.

“Leo how is Demius and Osia??”

“They are fine, but like everyone else, they still feel sad for Minx and Aleks.”

Leo didn’t say anything more after my name, Delkus just nodded his head, as if he understood what Leo was trying to imply. I just looked at the ground, not saying a word, to be honest; I couldn’t find any words to say. Leo and Flamius went to the kitchen; Delkus took a seat next to me. I felt his hand on my back.

“Look I know what happened to Minx has affected you a lot.”

“You don’t know how hard it is to live without her; it’s like breathing without air. A plant growing without sunlight and water.”

Tears started to swell up in my eyes; Delkus rubbed his hand up and down my back, I could hear him sighing deeply.

“Maybe we should get away from here.”


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