One Shots, hooray!

One Shots, hooray!

Hopefully you like the stories! I'd really like your opinions on them. Enjoy :)

Chapter 2

Sometimes Different Is Good (for WhiteRabbit)

Hi Geena! I really hope you like it!

Sometimes people wonder why certain things happen. Surely they happen for a reason, they know that. But what they're not so certain of, is why they don't seem so right intially. The moment, the day, the following days, and even years after an event happens, most people have the tendency to doubt the course of action that took place. They continue to question the impending fate of the event, until finally, it all makes sense. They realize that there was a specific reason for why they had been treated with "misfortune" in the first place. Whether they had been rejected, punished, or given any other bout of unfairness, time gives them the chance to recooperate and reflect. Everything eventually clicks into place. Everything is mended. They just have to give it time.

This is something that Geena had learned one glorious day in June. She remembered it clearly, as clear as a bell. It's one of those moments where you feel like you're on top of the world. Like you're floating. And it all had started with just a phone call.

The only thing that she does not remember clearly, is what exactly she was doing before she'd recieved that phone call. But as she felt a buzz arise in her pocket and as she pulled her phone toward her face, disbelief had coursed throughout her veins. And although it was surprising, the shock was short lived and her hand was quickly pushing her phone to her ear.

"Darren? Is this you?"

The second pause on the other end had felt entirely too long.

"Of course it's me! Why would it not be me?" The chuckle emitted from the other line had conduced a smile to her face. It was all too familar, yet greatly missed.

"Oh my god. Really? I miss you! How are you? I'm so proud of you. What's it like out in California? How's Glee? Why didn't you call me sooner?! Wait, why are you calling me?" She had managed to get out at once.

Darren laughed a long hard laugh before finally replying, "Oh Geena, I've missed you too."

That phone call had lasted about a half hour. They'd caught up and just talked. It was two years since she'd last talked to him, and she missed him terribly. You see, Darren and her had met when they were both sophomores and were then declared perpetually inseperable throughout the rest of their college years. Darren was the best friend that Geena had ever had. He was her rock, her support, and he was always there when she needed him. But when he had moved to Los Angeles with Joey, her world felt so empty. She was happy for him, she really was. But that didn't stop the selfish feeling in the pit of her stomach that wished he would just stay in her life forever. It was really hard for her to watch him leave. She had just begun to develop feelings for him. But she knew that he was better off there, in LA. With his talent, determination, and charm, she knew that he would succeed. And he did.

Luckily the Starkids were there with her, to support her and help her try to not think about it. She had became close with them as well during college, through Darren.

Anyway, although talking to Darren regardless of the event would be something to lift her spirits, it was not the reason why she remembered it so perfectly. After all of the intial talking and the catching up was done, Darren had brought up an offer. He had asked if she had wanted to come visit him and Joey for awhile. And she had graciously accepted.

It was two weeks later, and she was off on a plane to sunny Los Angeles. The anticipation was nothing far from unbearable. She had said see ya later to her friends and the Starkids back at home for two months. Yes, two months. Darren had said that he wanted her to stay there long enough to properly enjoy her visit. She, of course, knew how incredibly busy he was and didn't want to impose any further than the neccessary. But he she happily obliged.

When the plane had landed, she scurried off into the airport, excitedly in search of Joey. Darren had planned on meeting her there, but unfortunately an unplanned meeting had come up that he had to attend. She was a little upset, but since she now had Joey to show her around for the day, she knew that it'd be fun enough to override the anxiousness she felt toward seeing Darren.

The day, as she had assumed, went really well. Joey first took her to their apartment and gave her a short tour of the cute (messy) place, and then provided her with a drive around in the city. He treated her to lunch and they'd caught up as well. She really had forgotten how funny he was.

When they returned, Joey told her apologetically how he had to run to do something, but assured her that Darren was supposed to be home soon. So since she was there alone and considering the fact that she was still exhausted from the flight, she curled up on the couch and took a short nap.

Geena had awoken to a loud thump resounding from the other room. She looked around in a haze, trying to shake the sleep from her eyes.

"Shiit," she heard, following the sound. She knew that voice.

She sprung off the couch, sleep forgotten, and raced into the kitchen.

"Darren!" she yelled, jumping onto the curly-headed boy in haste.

He caught her in surprise letting out a laugh. "Geena! Hi!" He set her back onto the ground and continued, "Did I wake you? I'm sorry, you know that I'm kinda clumsy."

She smiled. "Kinda?"

Darren grinned in response and ruffled her hair. "Shut up."

"How was your day?" she asked happily.

He leaned against the counter and let out a sigh. "Good. Busy, but good." He paused and looked at her quizically.

"What?" she asked, a hand raising to touch her face.

He chuckled. "No, sorry, it's just...Geena, you look so different."

"Different as in...?" she trailed off.

"Good different."

She smiled. "Well, it has been two years."

"Definitely two years too long."

That night, they decided to stay in and watch movies and order pizza and it was just like old times. He really was just the same old Darren that Geena knew and loved. And she always knew that he would never change, but just seeing it right there in front of her gave her the absolute confirmation.

Weeks had flown by and Geena could honestly say that they were probably the best weeks of her life. She was having a blast in LA tagging along with Darren to various events, relaxing in the apartment with Joey, or even just sitting alone waiting for the boys to get home. And although she loved hanging out with both of the boys together, what she enjoyed most was when it was just her and Darren. Honestly, he was everything to her. Those feelings that Geena had felt about Darren those years ago had come back, and in full force. As cheesy as it sounds, and as much as she didn't want to admit it, she was falling, big time. And it was kind of hard not to. As everyone knows, Darren is an obvious flirt. So of course, when he flirts with Geena, she's gonna flirt back. But they were supposed to be just friends , right? She was confused.

"Hey, what are you doing tonight?" Darren asked one night, walking into the apartment abruptly.

"Well, I've got a hot date with the tv and some ice cream. Why, can you top that?" she answered with a smile.

He grinned and sat next to her on the couch. "Uh, well I don't know about that, but..I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go watch something on a bigger screen?"

"You have a bigger tv here?" she asked in mock disbelief.

Darren laughed a full-on laugh and replied blankly, "Do you want to go to the movies or not?"

"Mr. Criss, you are such a charmer. That is no way to ask a girl on a date!"

She could just catch the faintest tinge of pink on his cheeks. "Um, it's not a date, I..."

"I was joking, Dare."

"Oh, I knew that," he answered, nodding.

"You're a bad liar, and you know it," she said with a smile and lifted from the couch.

"Where are you going?"

"Well if we're going to the movies, then I need to change!"

Darren was acting wierd.

He was back to normal by the time that she had finished getting ready. Or that's what she thought. The drive there was fine, they joked and teased each other like they normally did. But a while after the movie had started, was when things had changed.

The movie was great, they were both clearly into what was going on. And everything was fine, until Darren's fingers had just managed to brush hers as they reached for popcorn at the same time. Okay, well that should've been normal. But it wasn't. Something was different. Both of their hands jolted back from the container.

"Sorry, go ahead," Darren bashfully whispered, focusing his attention back to the screen.

Bashful?! Since when was Darren ever bashful?

About twenty minutes had gone by and there wasn't any other brushing of hands or awkwardness.
But then, slowly, Geena felt Darren's hand slowly making it's way atop hers resting on the armrest. She looked over at the movement before glancing up to his face. But his gaze remained on the screen, emotionless.
After a couple minutes of awkwardness, they had both relaxed and the tension was lifted. And although Geena was estatic that Darren had just "made a move", she was completely confused.

His hand remained intertwined with hers for the entire movie.

But as soon as the ending credits started to roll, his hands made it's way slowly out of hers and he smiled tightly across at her. "That was great, wasn't it?"

It took her a short moment to realized that Darren was talking about the movie. "Yeah, that was actually awesome. I didn't think that I'd like it that much."

They smiled at each other and just sat there until Darren slowly said, "Ready to go?"


With that, they made their way out of the theatre and into the car, but not without Darren stopping first in order to take a picture with a baffled fan.

"That girl is in love with you," Geena retorted, once they had got into the car.

He smiled. "I know."

She laughed and hit him playfully on the arm. "Conceited, much?"

"You know that I'm joking," he replied, teasingly.

"Okay, sure," she said back to him. They remained smiling and amused, looking at each other for what seemed entirely too long. Darren, of course, was the one to break the gaze with a cough. He turned to face front and started up the car.

Before he could pull out from the parking space, Geena hastily stopped him. Her head would not quiet down, the questions swirling in her mind. She just had to know. "Wait." He looked to her, questioningly, waiting. "What was that about?"

He placed the car back in park and turned back to face her. His eyebrows scrunched in confusion. "What was what about?"

"You know Darren...back in the theatre? You know what I'm talking about."

He simply shrugged.

Geena rolled her eyes. "Come on. I mean, best friends don't do that."
He didn't answer, he just stared out the windshield in comtemplation. "Darren," she said softly. "Just tell me."

He sighed deeply, before ultimately replying, "Geena, I mean, it's just...when I saw you in the kitchen when you first got here...I don't know, I just felt something." I gave him a second to pause. "And I've just been having such a great time hanging out with you every day and I actually am excited to come home because you will be there, and I just...I don't know.." His eyes darted down to the console.

"Hey, look at me," she said to him, tilting his chin upwards. His eyes glimmered in the moonlight. Geena decided to just go for it. "Do you have feelings for me, Dare?"

A couple seconds passed and he remained staring into her eyes. After what felt like an eternity, he sighed, smiled slightly, and replied, "Yes."

That one little word was enough to give her the strength the pull him toward her and gently placed her lips upon his. The kiss was short and sweet and perfect. It was just as Geena had imagined it would be.

For a while, no words were exchanged between them. They just smiled at each other and reflected.

Eventually, Darren interrupted the silence with a soft chuckle. "Well, that was...different."

"Different as in...?"

He smiled. "Good different."

And he brought his lips to hers this time.

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