One Shots, hooray!

One Shots, hooray!

Hopefully you like the stories! I'd really like your opinions on them. Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

An Unexpected Occurrence (for carpex9xdiem)

Although Meghan had had plenty of time to study for her huge American History exam that would be occuring the next morning, she had been too preoccupied with other things to care. That is, until she realized, yeah, the test is tomorrow. So that led her to wander down to the library (her roommate's boyfriend was visiting, yuck), where she currently was pacing the aisles and taking in as much information as she could about past events that occured in the country.

While noting various things that she was almost sure that she would forget the next day, she heard the faint strumming of a guitar. Now why would someone be playing guitar in the library?

Meghan really loved music, but she also appreciated silence while she studied. The distraction wasn't so much that there was music playing, but it was more of who dare play it here. She tried to put the thought off and continue concentrating on the task at hand, but her mind got the best of her. She set off to the back of the library, stopping just before the edge of the aisle to peer her head around.

What she saw was a lone boy with an overwhelming amount of curly hair. He sat with his back facing her, focusing abstractly across the room, tapping his foot along with the music. Meghan was almost positive that she had never seen this boy before (she would've remembered the hair, for sure). The music that was projecting softly from his guitar was beautiful; he was very good. She heard him faintly humming along a tune. It was all very soothing and it seemed to jog her frantic, thinking mind for a moment. The boy's humming came to a stop and he set his guitar beside him silently, placing his head in hands and letting out what seemed a frustrated sigh.

For whatever reason, Meghan found herself making her way toward him. While she was mostly just intrigued, she also presumed that the boy was either upset or frustrated. It was none of her business to intrude, but she hated to see someone feeling down. As she drew nearer, he lifted his head to look down at papers scattered around the table.

"That was really nice," Meghan said.

The boy jumped, apparently not sensing that anyone had been around, muttering out a frantic, "Jesus Christ!"

Looking back, she realized that she probably should've been more subtle with her approach. Meghan quickly replied with, "Oh god, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. I was just up that aisle and heard you playing and I was curious."

The boy relaxed and settled back into his seat, breathing out a bark of laughter. "It's fine, don't worry. I'm just glad to see that you weren't a mass murderer going around to slaughter guys that disrupted the library with music."

Meghan smiled. "No, I'm currently off my murdering spree at the time. Right now I'm on duty as a stressed girl attempting to study for her exam that happens to be in the morning, getting distracted by a guitar."

The boy grinned. He was nothing short of gorgeous and Meghan was then definitely sure that she had never seen him around campus; along with the hair, she would've also remembered that face. His eyes shone brightly, a beautiful shade of hazel and his smile was breathtaking. "Oh, well I am very sorry to be such a nuisance," he had replied.

"Oh no, like I said, it was very nice. It distracted me probably for the best. I was about to go crazy with in-depth details of the Civil War."

He laughed. "Alright, well then in that case, you should probably thank me."

"Okay, now you're just pushing it," Meghan answered, giggling.

He chuckled and shrugged. "Oh well, it was worth a try." He gestured to the seat beside him. "Do you wanna sit? I mean, it seems as if we're both cramming our brains, maybe we should chill for a bit."

Meghan thought it over. She really should study...but god, those eyes. She nodded, "Sure."

She took the seat, as the boy attempted to clear some of his mess.
"What's all this?" she asked, her hands rounding the table, gesturing to all of the papers.

The boy sighed, "The better question is what isn't it. God, it just feels like everything was pushed onto my plate all at the same time."

Meghan smiled empathically, "I'm sorry, that's terrible."

He shrugged. "It's fine, there's nothing you could do about it, except provide a nice distraction." He smiled. "People need distractions sometimes...hence my guitar. It's just my way of relaxing when I become too stressed."

"Do you carry it with you everywhere? Or just to the library?" Meghan asked, smirking.

He smiled. "I carry this baby just about everywhere, I'm not even gonna lie. Music is my life."

"I can tell. I love music too," she answered with a smile. "Oh yeah, I'm Meghan, by the way."

"Nice to meet you Meghan, slash part-time mass murderer, slash part-time girl who gets disrupted by an annoying guitar boy. My name is annoying guitar boy, slash stressed student.....but you can just call me Darren," he answered with a grin, sticking his hand out.

Meghan rolled her eyes and shook his hand. "Nice to meet you too, Darren."
After talking for a while, the thoughts of their studies had slipped from their minds. The two had learned lots about each other. Meghan found out that Darren was studying musical theatre and English, he had a brother named Chuck, was in a theatre group called Starkid (which Meghan was almost positive she had heard of before), and his middle name was Everett. When she had asked him what his last name was, he simply smirked and replied with, "I can't tell that to just any random girl I meet in the library."

While talking about classes that they took, Meghan had learned that Darren, surprisingly, was in the same creative writing class as her. How could she never have noticed this beautiful man?, she wondered.

After conversing for a while longer, both had realized just what they were supposed to be doing and compromised. "I'll help you study yours if you help me with mine," Darren had suggested with a smile.

The next two hours or so was composed of Darren quizzing Meghan on multiple topics in the country's history, then switching off after a while for Meghan to try and help him figure out complex theories in Psychology. She had taken the class the semester before, so she remembered some things that could help him out.

As many stifled yawns had coursed throughout the both of them, it was Darren to say his goodbye first. He glanced down at his watch, his eyes growing wide, "Okay, well as much as I'd like to continue this wonderful study session, it's getting late...and I'm pretty sure that she has been contemplating whether or not to lock us in here for the past hour." He nodded toward the front of the library, where Meghan could just make out the woman shooting a conspicuous glance toward them.

Meghan laughed. "Yeah, well I guess we should leave. Thanks for this though, it helped me tons."

"Me too! That was great teamwork right there," Darren replied. His fatigue was readily apparent in his disheveled hair and weary expression. His grin was tired, yet it remained it's generally contagious and uplifting state. He was so adorable when he was sleepy.

"You bet it was!" Meghan answered, grinning.

"No, but really, we should schedule these things. Um, can I get your number?" he asked, a wondered expression playing on his face.

Meghan smirked and retorted, "I can't tell that to just any guy I meet in the library."

Darren rolled his eyes, "Clever."

"I thought so." She smiled and they exchanged numbers before going their separate ways back to their dorms. When Meghan had reached her building, she had received a text.

From: Darren
By the way, my last name is Criss. :) Goodnight study buddy!


Over the next few weeks, Meghan and Darren had had two other study get-togethers and sat together at their weekly creative writing class. They texted each other every day and Meghan was even introduced to some of Darren's wacky friends. She completely loved them.
Currently, the professor was droning on about something pertaining to storybuilding, although it was irrelevant to the two of them. They had been passing the same note back and forth the entire class, even though, you know, they were sitting right next to one another.

What's brown and sticky? Meghan passed over to Darren. One of his eyebrows rose as he glanced over at her with pursed lips. He wrote something briefly and passed it back.

I'm not quite sure where you're going with this.....and I'm not sure that I want to.

Meghan smiled and wrote back, A stick!

Darren rolled his eyes, a smile escaping its concealment. Now that was just lame.

Meghan's mouth opened in mock revulsion. I take offense to that! I bet you couldn't do any better.

He smiled smugly. I accept that challenge. Alright, um.....what do you call a fish with no eyes?

Meghan looked at him, confounded. After thirty seconds of deliberating, she still had no clue. She shrugged.

Darren let out a huff of anxiousness and snatched the paper from her hands. A few seconds later, Meghan had received, God, you're slow. A fish with no eyes is called a fsh, duh.

Although the joke was entirely cheesy and not really even that funny, the fact that the caffeine from her morning coffee was still in her system was probably what made her let out a cry of laughter. The laugh was probably too loud and obnoxious, but Meghan didn't seem to notice at the time. That is, until the professor had shot a swift glare her way. Meghan had calmed deliberately, shooting Darren a glance. She chuckled again unavoidably, slapping his arm when he had made a fish face. Soon they both had a case of the silent giggles and it felt almost childish and juvenile, yet they didn't seem to care. To Meghan, it was freeing. Rejuvenating. New. Good. Right.

Located in their favorite cafe just off campus, Meghan and Darren sat at their usual table across from each other. Weeks had passed and they had become inseperable. Literally. When they weren't visiting each others' dorms or studying in the library, they were out at the movies, or going for walks, or in this case, getting lunch. When Meghan was sick last week, Darren had brought soup to her dorm two days in a row. They sat in, watched movies, and played video games all day, Darren leaving only when he had a class. It was comforting and Meghan felt so lucky that she had met someone like Darren. He was energetic and fun and had a smile that was utterly contagious. He was reliable and just an overall ideal person. Meghan enjoyed his presence indefinitely and they were genuinely the best of friends.

But Meghan could see that there was something more. Every time Darren played guitar, she would watch the way that his lovely hazel eyes focused passionately into space, or when they would shut, making his long eyelashes curl and flutter softly. The way that his calloused fingers skimmed across the strings, a beautiful melody flowing throughout the room. The inflection in his voice when he sang along with the music. His adorably unkempt hair that crowded his face in the most gorgeous way that made her want to sweep back the loose strands. The way that his lips formed each word, moving slowly and sensually, tempting her to come closer and just-

"What, do I have something on my face?" Darren asked, grabbing a napkin and dabbing at his mouth.

Was she really just staring at his lips? Her cheeks tinged a slight shade of pink and she answered with a brisk, "No, sorry, I was just zoning out." More like zoning in, she thought.

Darren smiled mildly, placing a hand to her forehead. "Are you sure you're okay? Maybe you didn't quite recover correctly."

She slapped his hand away, laughing. "I'm fine. I was just...thinking."

Darren's eyebrows rose in wonder. "About what?"

Meghan looked at him, unembellished. "Everything. School, family, my social life, which let me add, I don't have much of, because of a certain someone."

He rolled his eyes, chucking a piece of bread at her. "Shut up, you love me."

"Only because you love me!" she exclaimed, grinning.

Darren's lips pursed, attempting to bury a smile, yet failing. "That is true."
They finished their meals in comfortable, lighthearted silence.

Meghan was unaware that walking into Darren's dorm late one Sunday afternoon, meant stepping into a disaster zone. Papers were scattered everywhere. It looked as if various tablets had barfed up their content around the room. Darren didn't even look up from where he was perched on top of his bed to acknowledge her. His guitar lay in his lap, his hair even more messy than usual, one hand covering his face, the other gripping a single crumpled piece of paper. Something was obviously wrong.

Meghan cautiously made her way across the room, carefully stepping over pages of scribbled writing. "Hey, what going on?" she asked, sitting next to him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Darren sighed, removing his hand slowly from his face. He looked tired. Instead of answering the question, he replied, "You brought ice cream?" His face brightened as he glanced at the bag she held.

Meghan smiled. "Yep...but you didn't answer my question."

A sigh escaped his lips yet again before he mumbled, "It's just this song that I've been trying to finish. It's for an assignment that's due tomorrow and I've been stuck on it."

Meghan climbed up further onto the bed and settled against the pillows. "Hmm..well what's it about? Maybe I could help."

"Um, well, we could've made it about anything. There was no designed topic."

She nodded slowly. " Okay, so...what did you write it about?"

Darren smiled almost bashfully. "It's nothing, it's actually almost done, so it's fine. Let's just eat."

Meghan's face scrunched up in confusion. "No, Dare, you obviously need some help. I could help. I mean, yeah, I'm not that great with lyrics, but I'm sure I could make some suggestions. Here, let me just see them. I promise, I won't judge."

Darren looked at her for a long moment, skeptical. And now Meghan was really confused. Why was he acting so strange all of a sudden? It looked like he was deciding on something. Slowly, he reached over to an uncrumpled piece of paper and looked at it, before handing it over.

Meghan took it, giving a small reassuring smile in response and read it over. The writing was wonderful, excellent really. Darren was really talented. The lyrics were beautiful, but that wasn't the reason why Meghan felt touched. "Uh, wow these...these are good, really good Darren. But um why.."

He smiled timidly, his cheeks showing the faintest blush. "I think the lyrics speak for themself but, uh, yeah." He exhaled in a huff and adjusted himself to face me, setting the guitar aside. "So this is really not the way that I had expected this to turn out, but I've been feeling this way for a while." He ran a hand through his hair. "Meghan, I...I wrote this song for you. But, really, if you don't feel the same's completely alright. I'll understand."

Meghan heard all of his words, yet they took a few moment to sink in. She looked from his face, adoring, honest eyes, and hidden expression, back to the paper she still held in her hand. The lyrics, his words, his emotions. This was all for her. She looked back into his hopeful eyes, a playful smile pawing upon her lips.

"Of course I feel the same way. Thank you, this really means a lot. And even if it didn't happen the way that you wanted it to, maybe it's for the best. Now we won't have to wonder."

A smile lit up his face, his eyes bright and body relaxing. "Oh thank god."

Pent-up tension released into laughter and they were both left with the feeling of relief and happiness. They ended up inching closer, until they were right next there, next to each other, faces just about touching, laughter still playing upon their lips. They were sharing the same exuberance, an exhilarating feeling of something new. Something nice.

Before either of them could assess what was happening, their lips had pressed together in an effortless motion of consent, just like that, without hesitation. The kiss just felt so perfect. It felt so right.

When they broke apart, Darren wore an endearing pink, flushed expression and grabbed Meghan's hand with his own. "So not to break the moment or anything, but...what are we? I mean, are we...?"

"Yes," Meghan reassured with a laugh. And then they were diving back in for another kiss. And another.

Eventually, after kisses and cuddles and ice cream eating, Darren had successfully finished his song and played it for Meghan. It was the most romantic and beautiful gesture she had ever received.

Darren was the most wonderful person she had ever met. And if it wasn't for that guitar of his that she enjoyed watching him play so dearly, or the god awful library that she grew to love, she wouldn't have ever been blessed with such an amazing relationship with the perfect guy. It was completely unexpected.

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