Blind Love

Blind Love

This story is about Isabella. A 15 year old girl who moves to a different highschool. She meets a guy named Aaron, the popular jock. He falls madly in love with her but sadly Isabella only thinks he's a jerk. Will he ever win her heart?

Chapter 1

New Halls

by: millie
As I walked down the bland hallway of my new highschool Brendword High all I could hear were the sounds of screaming teenagers. The smell of bubbalicious gum filled the hall. Everywhere I looked there were groups of friends chatting, boys and girls kissing, and people yelling at thier ex's. My blue sneakers squeaked along the clean white floor. Feeling a little awkward, I rushed to my new locker. Number 111. Empty. Althought there was still some stale gum stuck to the inside of it. I shoved my textbooks inside it, and shut the door. As I started to walk back, I almost hit a girl standing infront of me. She had long choclate brown hair, wore a light blue floral dress and whte laced flats. She looked at me with a inviting smile. "Hey. Im Kayla. You must be the new girl." She said.

"Yeah. Hi, i'm Isabella." "Nice to meet you." She held out her hand. I politely shook it. We started walking down the hall. "So, you live in the neighbourhood?" Asked Kayla. "Yeah, just on Western Drive." "Awesome! I live just one block down." "Cool." I said. The bell rang for first period. All the students were rushing into classrooms, and bumping into eachother. "What class do you have?" "Science." I said. "Oh, that's two doors down on your left. I Gotta go to English." Said Kayla. She walked into the door beside her. I rushed down the hall to room 126.

When I got into the classroom, Mr. Damien was calming down all the teenagers, and telling them to turn off thier cellphones. He spun around to see who was at the door. "Ah, you must be Isabella. Students, say hello to your new classmate, Isabella Letton." "Hi." Said the class. No one seemed very enthusiastic. "Isabella, why don't you sit right beside Aaron."

I walked down the second last row, to the desk beside him. Mr. Damien began writing a note on the board that we had to copy down. As I was writing, my pencil slipped out of my hand and fell on the floor. Before I had a chance to grab it, someone was holding it out to me. "Here." I looked up, and I was in awe. He had moppy ash blonde hair, tan skin, and had great phisique. Aaron. After realizing that I was staring at him, I took the pencil from his hand. "Thanks." I said.Throughout the rest of the period, I could'nt stop thinking about him.

When the bell rang, I grabbed my books, and headed out the door. Although, I did'nt get very far from it. "Hey! Your Isabella right?" It was Aaron. Just then, I noticed his deep hazel eyes. "Umm yeah." I stuttered. "Cool. I'm Aaron. So, what school did you used to go to?" "C.E Easton." "Ahh, I know a friend from there. You know Jerry Armstrong?" "Yeah, head of the basketball team." "Yep." Said Aaron. Just then, I noticed Kayla walking down the hall towards me. She waved to me. I waved back. "Uhh, I gotta go. I'll see you later." Said Aaron. He sped walked down the hall.

Kayla walked over to me. "Why were you talking to Aaron Rojers?" She asked. "I don't know, but he's kinda cute." "Are you insane? He's such a jerk! He punched a girl once. In the face." "No way." "Yeah. He beat her up. That's what he does to all his exes. And he does it for no reason. Then he tells everyone at school that she's a lying, backstabbing %$*&@, and then no one hangs out with her." " Oh my god. He dosen't seem that way." "It's all an act. He puts on that pretty boy face, and that charming smile, and he works it like Jim Carey." I was in shock. How could I have thought he was cute? I was WAY over it. "Thank God I warned you before you guys might've dated!" Said Kayla. "Yeah." I agreed.


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