Broken Dreams

This story is the first story out of three that I have written.
Minx is just your average 16 year old, until things in her life start unraverling. With her world falling into chaos, she finds something that has been missing from her heart.

Chapter 1

The Beginning

Since I was little, I would always seem to see these half angels and half demons .They had a body of an angel, but the tail, wings of a devil. They were everywhere, but no one seems to notice them. I became to wonder why people couldn't see them, but only I could. I had asked my grandmother once but she only said that I had a big imagination, so whenever I saw them, I just kept it to myself. They didn't seem to notice me either, so I just thought it was my imagination.

For years now I've been able to see and learn a little about what they do, but never actually spoke to one of them. People at school thought I was always weird, so I never had any friends in primary or high school. Before the new high school year started we moved from China Town Phoenix to Forks. She thought that a new school and a new town would change everything, but it didn't. We got to know some of the people in town. Life did seem nice. Until one dreadful day when my world came crashing down.

My grandma died, she was the only family I had left. My mother, father and brother were all killed by a murder when I was five years old. Grandma thought a new town and a new school would change that. It was a sad day, I didn't even know what to do, I was only sixteen, and everything seemed so confusing that day. In the church, I kept seeing the fallen angels (half angel and half demon) looking at my grandma's coffin. As if they knew her, but all I could tell is that I was the only one left of my family. After they had buried grandma, I went to walk around the graveyard looking at all the different gravestones, just trying to distract myself from the crashing world around me. I had notice that one of the fallen angels were standing next to me, but I never looked at him.

"It’s such a terrible lost to lose your whole family."

I stared at the gravestone stunned. I didn't even know they could to talk to people like me and that we could actually hear them.

"I know you can hear and see me, I've known all long since you were five. When that terrible incident happened to your family."

"How did you know what happened to my family."

Was all I could say, I didn't even look at him. He put both of his hands on my shoulders turning my around to look at him. His face was so beautiful like angels but his wings were like wings you would find on a large bird. His skin was so smooth

"Cause I was the one who was protecting you."

When he said this, I forgot even how to breathe. Soon I was starting to lose consciousness.

"Minx, are you alright."

Everything just went black after that and all I could hear was voices, but I didn't know who voice it was.

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